Sunday, April 10, 2011

Embarrassed By My Riches

We enjoyed another phenomenal shift last night.

It began with a beautiful view of the crescent moon setting over the mountains to the West. A thin coat of new snow greeted me on the way out of the DaveCave, and the ambient temp was noticeably colder  than it's been in weeks.

I got to work about 15 minutes early, and all the swing shift guys were already in the Groomer's Ready Room, signed out, and ready to go home...they were a jovial bunch. Hero Snow will do that!

The Graveyard Crew would be looking for something to do before

Into the night we went. I was going for the same trails I opened Thursday night. Now I'd be able to climb these runs, and they'd be perfect when I finished.

As I surmised, we were looking for something to do a little after 0500. At 0530 the Boss called and I asked him if he'd winch a run in the demo Beast Winchcat when he got in. "Sure, I'll give you a shout on the 2-way when I get there"

I radioed Jeweler, and asked him to meet me. We tag-teamed a plow project that I've been trying to do for three weeks. With the big winch on deck, I finally had the place to put a ton of snow, and another cat to make the pushing much easier.

Jeweler dug and pushed blade-full after blade-full of snow 50 yards, and piled it up in front of me. I pushed it down into the run the Boss would groom when he got in. All in all, Jeweler and I moved around 120 cubic yards of snow in a little over a half an hour.

We got a good start on the project. Jeweler took the big wind drift down five feet. Now our guests don't have to climb up and over this thing (or skirt around it) It's still uphill from the bottom of the ramp to the trails to the West, but now it's a gradual rise, not a Himalayan Expedition.

Prinoth Beast Winch
I expect that barring breakdowns, we'll have another go at it tonight.

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