Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Storm Door Is Open

That title is a direct quote...I just heard KTVU2's WeatherDude, Steve Paulson say it and go on to amplify for anchor Tori Campbell, remarking: "Wide open after Sunday" Exciting times for Bay Area Meteorologists! These guys live for "Pattern Change" every Fall.

The satellite image shows the source of all the excitement, though the image I lifted from KTVU2's website isn't half as dramatic as the satellite picture they featured on their Noon News!

This morning, the streets near the Ancestral Digs were damp. We've had some drizzle, but not enough to run through the roof's gutters and down the downspout. (I'd forgotten about the comforting sound of that downspout outside my childhood bedroom)

I'm actually doing a little irrigating out in the Diggins despite the light drizzle today...I want to transplant a couple of things before the rain begins in earnest.

While the hose runs, I'm tuned into Sacramento's KCRA3 Noon News...sadly, they're running wall to wall remote from the Roseville Galleria in the aftermath of the devastating barricaded suspect/arson fire that destroyed 25% of the area's most prosperous mall. They did give the weather guy enough time to promise an inch of rain for the Big Valley and "several inches in the High Country"

I hit the Diggs and snapped a few photos while the hose ran...

Fall is the Inland Valley's "Second Spring" when the hills turn green and all manner of new green shoots pop up..

OK, time to take a deep your eyes...Thanksgiving is next month. It's Boreal that wants to turn their lifts on 8 Day's time...relax...Boreal Snowmakers can do their Snow Dances...

I checked my Twitter feed after I finished soaking the transplant candidates. @Skiingmag touted Maine's @sundayriver announcing they were open for business! Yup, Man-Made snow, one trail...first in the country for the 2010-2011 Season.

The Storm Door is season beckons...Stay Tuned!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Waiting, Anticipating

It's "sitting on pins and needles" time at the Ancestral Digs...I'm listening to Sports Radio count down to the first pitch of NLCS Game 4 at AT&T Park. To call tonight's game "highly anticipated" would be a World Class understatement.

This afternoon, I ran over to a neighboring town to pick up some building materials, and stopped at the local grocery on my way back to the Digs. I saw a lot of brand spankin' new Giants hats, T-Shirts, hoodies, and Jerseys. I even saw a hybrid Giants/Golf was a Black and Orange ballcap, with an orange Titleist logo on the front and the Giants' "SF" logo on the sides...kinda cool...I saw a waking World Series couple coming out of the market...Him, 6-4 all smiles in his Yankees T-Shirt and Ballcap..Her (all 5-1 90lbs) stylin' in the brand new SF Giants two-tone track suit!

I didn't engage them, but they were the walking, talking personification of my dream World Series Re-Match!

It's not just Giants' fans waiting for a sign. All the local WeatherPeople are awaiting their own "Post Season" now that their "Spring Training" is over and Big League Weather is on the horizon!

Talk about anticipation...these weathergeeks can barely contain their excitement! They've been teasing the approaching cold front for more than a week. In the Bay Area, the first rainstorm is a big deal to the weather presenters on TV.

This is their version of breaking last! Now there will be change and variety to talk about after six months of day in day out...low clouds near the coast...with afternoon winds...and warm temps inland...

Looking at Reno's AFD, I'm sure the NWS forecasters are having a ball with the coming system too. At this time, the snow levels still look to be high, with most of the forecast 1.5-2.0 inches of precip falling on the Western Slope, leaving little to fall as snow over the Sierra Crest.

Never say never, but it is three days out still...

Up in the High Sierra, snowmaking crews are waiting with baited breath...Boreal's been tweeting in anticipation of the coming cooling. I can't blame 'em, it's been cool all Spring and Summer, and warm so far this Fall. Only one short stretch of freezing temps in the last 30 days...barely more than an hour long in the wee hours of October wonder the call is going out for some SnowDancing!

There is moisture on the way, it rained for a while tonight on the baseball game. It turned into rain on the Giants' parade, when the Philies beat the Giants the teams head back to Philadelphia for Game 5 Saturday...and more waiting, anticipating...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Great Scott!

I believe that was The Daily Planet's editor Perry White's all-purpose exclamation in the old Superman TV Series...

Confession: I was a Batman kid...not the campy 60's TV Show, but the awesome DC Comics Batman! I watched the Superman show in reruns after school long before I started reading comic books.

I use the phrase because I'm at a loss to find an appropriate adjective to describe the indescribably delicious victory of my San Francisco Giants tonight in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series!

Tonight's contest turned out to be almost literature!

Our plucky, under the radar underdogs battled the Kings of the Major Leagues to eke out the victory in the scratch it out a little at a time fashion that's been their stock in trade since they began playing playoff-style baseball in early August.

Tonight's game was a see-saw battle that saw the Philies tie up the game in the 8th inning, and bring in their best starting pitcher to close the game. With one out, San Francisco's banged-up shortstop, Juan Uribe, came to the plate...and with two strikes, belted the game winning sacrifice fly.

What an explosion of emotion in the stands! Giants' Fan Believe! A game for the Ages to Giants' fans...we are ready!

I may not get to sleep tonight!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crunch Time Roundup

More "My Niche Sports" News
Nothing serious really...just a little Sports Talk. After a Travel Day, the San Francisco Giants hosted Game 3 of the National League Championship Series Tuesday at their Bayside Stadium, AT&T Park.

I was a little worried when I saw the fog and haze hanging over the Bay Tuesday morning when I drove into Downtown Oakland to find an office at Broadway and 20th. It was 11:20AM and the sun was shining in Oakland, but you couldn't see the Bay, the Bridges, or the Coast Range. The fog and haze were hanging in when I headed back through the Caldecott Tunnel on my way home at 12:30.

By the time the first pitch was thrown, 1:20PM, the fog had burned off at the Park, and a beautiful almost windless afternoon ensued. With no wind, AT&T Park plays even bigger than usual. It's a Pitcher's Ballpark, harder than most to hit homeruns from.

Brilliant pitching by Giants' starter Matt Cain, and some more MVP-Worthy batting from Cody Ross powered the Giants to a 3-0 victory, their second shut-out game in this Post Season.

A huge flotilla of watercraft from 2-man rafts, kayaks, up to yachts, Fire Boats and Ferry Boats covered McCovey Cove giving the game it's "Only in San Francisco" splash hits was after all a Pitching Duel!

Le Tour de France News
The Tour Organizers announced the Route for the 2011 Tour de France. It should be another Titanic Tour...this time there's six Mountaintop Finishes...three each in the Alps and Pyrénées!

The storied mountaintop finish atop L’Alpe d’Huez returns next year. Always stunning in scenery, the crowd scene, and drama...more than one Tour has been won on it's switchbacks. As always, I expect nothing less in 2011. VeloNews has a good overview by cycling scribe, John Wilcockson.

Cycling news whet  my whistle for AMGEN Tour of California news, but there's still no new details on the 2011 Stages...The first two stages are within earshot of the DaveCave, so I'm stoked for any news on the stage's street level route!

Formula One visits a brand new track in South Korea this weekend. There were fears the track would not be ready in time, but the Korean promoters have it together...on the track anyway...Hotels and nearby amenities are on schedule for next year, so thing will be tres spartan bt F1 standards.

No 34th America's Cup News broke yet this week...should be something soon...

Weather: Changes Ahead?
There's a little something causing weathergeeks to stir a little this week. After the Giants' game Tuesday, the KTVU2 News teased a slight chance of rain for the weekend.

The KTVU2 WeatherGuy's Facebook Page allowed that it's the GFS Model promising the chance of precip Sunday Afternoon. Five days out is an eternity in a La Niña year, but I looked at Reno's AFD anyway...They're saying snow levels will drop to 6000ft after the front passes...but:


Darn the luck! Before the Sun set, I peeked at Boreal's webcam...still not much to see...the grass is turning brown...there's 12 days 'till Halloween...I dunno...

I'm sure Boreal's snowmakers, groomers and park builders are choreographing their Snowmaking Dance as we speak!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here We Go, and Here It Comes!

I'm still all amped-up! The San Francisco Giants went to Philadelphia Saturday night and won the first game of the National League Championship Series. Good pitching by both starters plus a little offense and the Giants won 4-3...and yes, it qualifies as...wait for it...

As is usual with this 2010 version of the Giants, there would be drama, and of course it would be a one run game.

You want drama? OK, how about your two-time Cy Young Award winning starting pitcher has a blister on his throwing finger? OK, how about it's the finger that controls his slider...the pitch he used to devastating effect in his team record, 14 strikeout, winning performance against Atlanta in his last start...(his first post-season start) OK then, I got your drama right here!

It's hours after the game now, and my Facebook page is flashing *TILT* like a pinball machine in a dive bar on a Saturday night...totally, my peeps are all amped...and all up! Giants' kudos...from two continents... in three languages!

OK, I'll risk sayin' it out loud...these Giants have seemed like Destiny's Team since July...every game has had that "Playoff Atmosphere". Scrapping for every game, slowly clawing their way to the top of the Division...chasing San Diego, until they clinched the Division Title on the last day of the regular season. Many one run decisions...hence the moniker: Torture. Too much more of this, and I'll understand bondage and discipline.

I'll get to sleep sometime, this morning. Yet another "Kid on Christmas Eve" scenario at the Ancestral Digs.

I changed the channel to catch some Local News, and the Weatherfolks were almost as animated as the Sports Guys. Changes are afoot for the High Sierra's weather, with showers on tap Sunday into Monday. During a lull in the Post Game foldaroll, I did a lap around the CorduroyPlanet Toolbox. I surfed the Reno AFD, NOAA's Remote Sensors, and Weather Underground's Truckee Forecast.

Well the trough is approaching, but it isn't doing much to drop the temps...Basin-wide temps are in the mid-40's

It's all well above the helpful level for anxious snowmaking crews hoping to blow some Halloween treats.

Sunday will be a busy day...first, I play at the Farmer's Market, then I drop the Siskiyou Wing of the family at the train station on my way to the OAK Airport to pick up SturgeUrge and his brother off their return flight from Baja. Then I gotta straighten up the looks like a crime scene in there since I finished the taxes. I'm gonna enjoy my weekend...all Giants...all Torture...

See ya all Wednesday. Go Giants!