Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here We Go, and Here It Comes!

I'm still all amped-up! The San Francisco Giants went to Philadelphia Saturday night and won the first game of the National League Championship Series. Good pitching by both starters plus a little offense and the Giants won 4-3...and yes, it qualifies as...wait for it...

As is usual with this 2010 version of the Giants, there would be drama, and of course it would be a one run game.

You want drama? OK, how about your two-time Cy Young Award winning starting pitcher has a blister on his throwing finger? OK, how about it's the finger that controls his slider...the pitch he used to devastating effect in his team record, 14 strikeout, winning performance against Atlanta in his last start...(his first post-season start) OK then, I got your drama right here!

It's hours after the game now, and my Facebook page is flashing *TILT* like a pinball machine in a dive bar on a Saturday night...totally, my peeps are all amped...and all up! Giants' kudos...from two continents... in three languages!

OK, I'll risk sayin' it out loud...these Giants have seemed like Destiny's Team since July...every game has had that "Playoff Atmosphere". Scrapping for every game, slowly clawing their way to the top of the Division...chasing San Diego, until they clinched the Division Title on the last day of the regular season. Many one run decisions...hence the moniker: Torture. Too much more of this, and I'll understand bondage and discipline.

I'll get to sleep sometime, this morning. Yet another "Kid on Christmas Eve" scenario at the Ancestral Digs.

I changed the channel to catch some Local News, and the Weatherfolks were almost as animated as the Sports Guys. Changes are afoot for the High Sierra's weather, with showers on tap Sunday into Monday. During a lull in the Post Game foldaroll, I did a lap around the CorduroyPlanet Toolbox. I surfed the Reno AFD, NOAA's Remote Sensors, and Weather Underground's Truckee Forecast.

Well the trough is approaching, but it isn't doing much to drop the temps...Basin-wide temps are in the mid-40's

It's all well above the helpful level for anxious snowmaking crews hoping to blow some Halloween treats.

Sunday will be a busy day...first, I play at the Farmer's Market, then I drop the Siskiyou Wing of the family at the train station on my way to the OAK Airport to pick up SturgeUrge and his brother off their return flight from Baja. Then I gotta straighten up the looks like a crime scene in there since I finished the taxes. I'm gonna enjoy my weekend...all Giants...all Torture...

See ya all Wednesday. Go Giants!

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