Saturday, October 16, 2010

Changes Afoot

Change is coming to the High Sierra this weekend. The Reno AFD promises a much cooler and wetter regime is due in for Saturday night. Snow levels will be above pass levels, but the rain and cold will set the table for the Snowmakers. Tuesday the system moves south and the Tahoe Sierra warms a little.

It looks like snow for Halloween is gonna be a tough ticket. I looked at Boreal's mountain webcam this still looks a lot like summertime...the forecast says thunderstorms are likely as the system arrives. Sounds like a good time is on it's way!

There may be lingering high cloudiness after the fun is over...that would set up warming, humid conditions...they'll need clear skies before the temps drop enough to blow any man-made snow...enter the ballgame'll be great spectating. 

Media Catches Up...Maybe
A headline posted at Watts' Up With That caught my eye: "BBC told to ensure balance on climate change" Another case of pendulum swing? I think so...I hope so...

Forty years from the founding of the modern environmental movement, it's well past time for the pendulum to begin it's return swing. After forty years of agitating that we "Do Something" about climate change, the data are just beginning to catch up with the debate. Newly published papers have showed an amazing wealth of new connections between naturally occurring ocean cycles, solar cycles, glacier advance and retreat and continental weather in Europe. Similar mechanisms are at work closer to home in the Pacific. Eventually I believe the connections will be demonstrated Pacific-wide, too.

Concurrently, science's ability to measure, understand and correct historical data degradation is improving along the same path as computer speed and power increases do. Increasing computing power is shedding new light on climate and weather, and Man's diminishing role in Global Warming. I hope the news will begin to see the light of day Stateside. This is good news coming down the pike these days...

Good news for Gaia...has a nice ring to it...don'tcha think?

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