Saturday, October 31, 2009

Warm Weekend on Tap

It's warm all over California this weekend. Even in the High Sierra the mercury has stayed above freezing for more than 50 hours. A quick scan of Boreal's Webcam shows a couple a dozen patrons sliding in the warm sunshine. The Weatherdudes expect this regime to last the better part of the next week...I'm down with that!

Even Tempe, Arizona is warm again. (University of California's Bears are playing football at Arizona State as I write) Weatherunderground lists Tempe in the low 80's, only two days after Arizona posted dozens of Record Low Temperatures!

It's hard to get all excited about Grooming or Winter when it's so nice out! That being said, I'm gonna duck out early for my weekend.

Watch for Boreal Stories on your Local TV News tonight, if there's a Live Remote, there's bound to be some entertainment value to be found there!

Bears win!

Enjoy the Fall Weather! CorduroyPlanet will return Wednesday. Don't forget the Sunscreen...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Feelin' All Warm Inside

Outside too! The Fabled Indian Summer has come to the Inland Valley, and if the Remote Sensors are correct, to the High Sierra as well.

Boreal did turn their lift today, and no doubt they'll make a weekend of it. I didn't see any Boreal Story on the Bay Area Noon News, perhaps because so much news is breaking around the Bay Area. I didn't have time to watch Sacramento News yet, but I'm sure there'll be plenty of Live Remotes from Boreal on Halloween!

Most of my Weatherbone has been watching the Anthropogenic Global Warming Industry ramp up for their big December Copenhagen UN Climate Shindig. Lots of storm and fury in the mainstream media-sphere...not so much over where the Real Climate Scientists hang out.

The big push for UN Controlled Carbon Dioxide Cuts is in overdrive because the Western Hemisphere is experiencing a Cooling Trend that's getting harder to ignore all the time. Yesterday, Arizona joined the ranks of Record Cold Holders. All month long the Northern Tier of States, and the East have been setting records for cold. This week Colorado got dumped on, with two feet around Denver and four feet in the high Rockies.

You'll recall all the hoopla surrounding the "Earliest Even Opening" stories from Colorado Ski Resorts and a Skihill outside of Las Vegas. The worldwide price of grain is up again, this time because of unusually cold temps across the Grain Belt which delayed planting by weeks this spring. The same story was repeated across Europe as well.

The European Union has gone farther down the "Do Something About Global Warming" Road than America so far, in fact the European people are growing tired of spending extra for most commodities, in exchange for nebulous gains on the Global Warming Front. The regulations put in place across Europe are much more invasive than any that Americans would sit still for, and there's no measurable benefit yet to be seen.

Our Congress want to impose a Cap&Trade Scheme to "Control Greenhouse Gasses" but to this observer, Cap&Trade is nothing more than a new "Investment Instrument" akin to the "Derivatives Market" who's overzealous exploitation amplified the impact of the Housing Bubble's Bursting.

There's a simple, job producing way to decrease the amount of Carbon Dioxide we make in the West. America could learn from France, and build a hundred new, clean Nuclear Power Plants.

All those little Green Electric Cars aren't going to charge themselves.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Network Panic?

A little low pressure system flies through the Pacific Northwest, and the bitter end dusts the Mountain with a trace of snowfall, and suddenly all the outliers start checkin' in.

Here at the Ancestral Digs, this was a Non-Event. A little Northerly Breeze to enliven Garbage Day, and confound the neighborhood's gardener's pursuit of fallen leaves.

Further west, said winds did amount to a Traffic Nightmare for SF/Oakland Bay Bridge Commuters.

Tuesday the Cold Front came through, and in it's wake, the North Wind blew across the bridge in the mid-30's...MPH, not Knots. These winds perturbed the "patch" (read: BandAid!) installed by CalTrans over Labor Day Weekend on a critical member on the Eastern Span, causing it's failure.

Today, I saw a CalTrans Spokesman say they knew the patch was moving a few days ago (before the winds were an issue), and that design work on a mitigating scheme was underway. The steady Northerlies in the aftermath of the Cold Front's passing Tuesday became the Straw that Broke the Camel's Back. Fortunately no one was seriously injured when the patch...all 5000lbs+ of it!..fell into the fast lane Tuesday afternoon. The CHP closed the Bridge Tuesday evening, as soon as they could get the traffic off the bridge. No estimate of reopening was made, or offered.

Thursday morning's News reported no Reopening Time for the bridge yet.

With this as the prevailing Background Noise on CorduroyPlanet, I started getting calls and emails about The Northern Alliance's weather...KirkVallus e-mailed a Webcam Link that showed snow falling on the flanks of Mt Hood. I called and we talked weather, winter, and about his jalapeño harvest.

This morning, BajaBabe phones and breathlessly asks: "Is it snowing there? It's snowing here!" She vented on the cold, and how all the leaves fell overnight...just in time for her time off. I filled her in on my intel, and my forecast going forward...I'm still clinging to December for a starting date.

Before her call, I'd been looking at the latest Forecast Discussions, and they say yet another week of nice Fall Weather...and, in the Mountains, Temperature Inversions are likely, confounding Snowmaking efforts. Some high clouds moved over the Sierra Crest this morning, and killed the Cold Snap enjoyed for the past few days.

On the Noon News from Sacramento, Boreal's Reopening Tomorrow Story aired 9:00mins into the one hour newscast. Open for for the live remotes on a Newscast near you.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Do We Have Here?

Tonight I was rolling the garbage and recycling out to the street behind the Ancestral Digs. The Moon and Jupiter were just Burning overhead...missing was the usual low clouds/marine layer, and in it's place a fairly brisk North Wind...which explains the MIA overcast.

This morning, when I fetched the local Rag from the driveway, the sky was blue and there was a breeze afoot...but it didn't register in my pre-caffeine brain. After I drank half a pot of French Roast, I was back out there with my camera snapping a bunch of pictures of the newly sprouted mushrooms in the yard, the tiny green shoots of the next crop of weeds, the lovely fallen maple leaves from the neighbor's trees, and the latest bunch of roses to bloom in my Dad's Rose Garden.

Confession: I've been stuck on the internet all day...jacked in, like the sci-fi movie...The Matrix...this week, I'm totally hooked on the prospect that my cellphone carrier will offer the WiFi-Enabled Handset of My Dreams on Wednesday!

All the Fan Boy/Gadget Websites have been abuzz with rumors and chimeras about the coming of Motorola's new Google Android Powered Phone, the "Droid"...the less circumspect among them have actually uttered the phrase: "iPhone Killer"...Everyone, take a deep,, out...

I managed not to leave the friendly confines of the Ancestral Digs today, and still made some homemade Crookneck Soup that wowed my audience at the dinner table! I need to hit the Asian Grocery for my next Culinary Coup, but I'm a dedicated Multi-Tasker behind the wheel of late. There's a trip to Fry's Technology Emporium and the Big Box Office Supply on the docket, and I need a new Cowboy Hat too...all in the same neighborhood...That's Mr. MultiTasking to you! Multi Tasking...Hoe-oh!

It's all a diversionary tactic though...the north winds are heavy with portent...maybe winter will arrive in the Central Sierra early like in the, I submitted...before I got up and got dressed I surfed the Remote Sensors, read the Forecast Discussions from Reno's NWS Office, and looked at all the forecast, the mercury plummeted. Boreal has had their fans running around the clock, though they weren't pushing much water mid-day. Cold Northerlies are doing their magic, and Boreal might have enough to get open again in time for Halloween.

The Local News Live Remote from Boreal on Halloween Night is kinda cliche on the Mountain, we get it, in real estate, everything is Location, Location, Location...and Boreal's got that. The rest is Marketing, plain and simple. Who can blame them for making the most of their ideal situation?

Before I get all excited and stuff, there's still Crab Season Opener, Family for Thanksgiving, and a long list of chores still to be completed...oh, and New Phone Shopping! The Droid should be my solution to the "How to get the latest satellite and radar loops in RealTime in my Cat Dilemma"

Watching TV on a phone in a snow cat is business...not a sitcom...really! There might be a sitcom in there...but I'm not writing it...honest!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Head Hurts

It's not a Tumor...the Immortal words of the Governator from the slight Hollywood movie, "Kindergarten Cop" It's embarrassing really...the mess in Sacramento...not to mention Washington DC!

I've been following along with the weather forecast world much more closely than in the three past years. I'm totally tuned-in to the day in, day out flow of the forecast discussions and forecast products produced by the three NWS Offices in CorduroyPlanet's World.

After a the Big Fall Weather Kerfuffle, Fall is back on track and the Mountain Temps are once again on a rising path. Looking around the country however, the weather news is record cold, and early cold going into mid-Fall.

Tracking the Climate Science News shows another path all together! Earth has been cooling for 11 years, despite all the Global Warming Hysteria that's reported by rote on a near-hourly basis.

No wonder my head hurts! How does anyone who pays attention not feel like their head will explode given the cacaphony of the Global Warming True Believers? The Sky Is Falling!! The Sky Is Falling!!

Even though the Earth has been cooling for more than a decade, the Noise level of the Global Warming Alarmists is truly starting to "peg the meter" going into the home stretch leading to their big December Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

I guess those with a vested interest in more Government Regulation of the people's day to day behavior and the potential for big payoffs from said regulation regimes, have to turn the volume up to drown out the swelling skepticism blossoming across the Western World.

Snowfall in October, following record cold for much of America this Summer, has opened many eyes that are usually distracted by the culture and it's myriad entertainments and diversions.

The Western World's Elites, who've convinced themselves that they must "Save The Planet" are now rushing headlong towards their goal, hoping to wrest central control of the Market Economies of the West, before the masses wake up and vote them back to where they came from. The clamor of all the mischief afoot in Western Capitols has awakened the Sleeping Giant who'd rather be left alone by the Professional Busybodies of the Handwringing and Ruling Classes.

The headlong rush to Remake America isn't what America voted for this past November, and the breathtaking speed that the DC Elites have displayed while running up staggering debts to grow Government to behemoth proportions is a deluge of ice cold water in Regular Working Americans' Faces. We're awake now, and we're looking at a Bad Dream. That headache isn't a tumor at all, it's the Ice Cream headache of too much Government...shoved down the people's throats, too quickly.

Damn, it is a Tumor! Best to cut it out before it metastasizes! Throw out the bums at your next opportunity...your head will feel better right away!