Saturday, October 31, 2009

Warm Weekend on Tap

It's warm all over California this weekend. Even in the High Sierra the mercury has stayed above freezing for more than 50 hours. A quick scan of Boreal's Webcam shows a couple a dozen patrons sliding in the warm sunshine. The Weatherdudes expect this regime to last the better part of the next week...I'm down with that!

Even Tempe, Arizona is warm again. (University of California's Bears are playing football at Arizona State as I write) Weatherunderground lists Tempe in the low 80's, only two days after Arizona posted dozens of Record Low Temperatures!

It's hard to get all excited about Grooming or Winter when it's so nice out! That being said, I'm gonna duck out early for my weekend.

Watch for Boreal Stories on your Local TV News tonight, if there's a Live Remote, there's bound to be some entertainment value to be found there!

Bears win!

Enjoy the Fall Weather! CorduroyPlanet will return Wednesday. Don't forget the Sunscreen...

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