Friday, October 30, 2009

Feelin' All Warm Inside

Outside too! The Fabled Indian Summer has come to the Inland Valley, and if the Remote Sensors are correct, to the High Sierra as well.

Boreal did turn their lift today, and no doubt they'll make a weekend of it. I didn't see any Boreal Story on the Bay Area Noon News, perhaps because so much news is breaking around the Bay Area. I didn't have time to watch Sacramento News yet, but I'm sure there'll be plenty of Live Remotes from Boreal on Halloween!

Most of my Weatherbone has been watching the Anthropogenic Global Warming Industry ramp up for their big December Copenhagen UN Climate Shindig. Lots of storm and fury in the mainstream media-sphere...not so much over where the Real Climate Scientists hang out.

The big push for UN Controlled Carbon Dioxide Cuts is in overdrive because the Western Hemisphere is experiencing a Cooling Trend that's getting harder to ignore all the time. Yesterday, Arizona joined the ranks of Record Cold Holders. All month long the Northern Tier of States, and the East have been setting records for cold. This week Colorado got dumped on, with two feet around Denver and four feet in the high Rockies.

You'll recall all the hoopla surrounding the "Earliest Even Opening" stories from Colorado Ski Resorts and a Skihill outside of Las Vegas. The worldwide price of grain is up again, this time because of unusually cold temps across the Grain Belt which delayed planting by weeks this spring. The same story was repeated across Europe as well.

The European Union has gone farther down the "Do Something About Global Warming" Road than America so far, in fact the European people are growing tired of spending extra for most commodities, in exchange for nebulous gains on the Global Warming Front. The regulations put in place across Europe are much more invasive than any that Americans would sit still for, and there's no measurable benefit yet to be seen.

Our Congress want to impose a Cap&Trade Scheme to "Control Greenhouse Gasses" but to this observer, Cap&Trade is nothing more than a new "Investment Instrument" akin to the "Derivatives Market" who's overzealous exploitation amplified the impact of the Housing Bubble's Bursting.

There's a simple, job producing way to decrease the amount of Carbon Dioxide we make in the West. America could learn from France, and build a hundred new, clean Nuclear Power Plants.

All those little Green Electric Cars aren't going to charge themselves.

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