Sunday, August 25, 2013

Where There's Smoke, There's Burners

Friday SturgeUrge and I were driving to a neighboring town to pick up the F/V SturgeUrge's Tow Vehicle from the auto shop. Heading north on I-680 during the afternoon commute, we saw a polished aluminum duck decoy-looking trailer being towed north...

An 'Art Car' heading for the Black Rock Desert for the Burningman Fesitval.

It was a very artistic piece...think Airstream Trailer-style.

I told Urge: 'I'm gonna miss being in Truckee this week...all those Burners with all their crazy art on trailers in every parking lot in town (Well, at least every grocery store and hardware store parking lot!)

Some of them are invisible for all intents and purposes...especially those who's artform is self display. However when their week on the Playa is over and they head home, they all sport the telltale Playa Patina on their rides.

This morning, @NWSSacremento tweeted: "Latest updates on and , with hi-res satellite image from yesterday. "

The Burners are gonna have a lot more smoke than that from 'Burning The Man' Saturday night! Smoke from the huge 'Rim Fire' is already over the Black Rock Desert as I type. Here's the NWS Sacramento's High-Rez Satellite View:

You can see the smoke from the 'Orleans Complex' and 'Salmon River Complex' in the satellite picture...look at the red squiggles to the left of the 'Latest Fire Updates' title at the top. These are the two fires that the Siskiyou Wing of the family have been dealing with this month...

Back to my neck of the woods, I look forward to seeing the smoky photos from this year's Burn...meanwhile there's San Francisco Giants baseball, Formula One racing and, the America's Cup to enjoy before I head up the Hill for the 50th Anniversary Reno National Championship Air Races, where I traditionally see my first 'Autumnal Light' reminding me that winter is coming.