Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Do We Have Here?

Tonight I was rolling the garbage and recycling out to the street behind the Ancestral Digs. The Moon and Jupiter were just Burning overhead...missing was the usual low clouds/marine layer, and in it's place a fairly brisk North Wind...which explains the MIA overcast.

This morning, when I fetched the local Rag from the driveway, the sky was blue and there was a breeze afoot...but it didn't register in my pre-caffeine brain. After I drank half a pot of French Roast, I was back out there with my camera snapping a bunch of pictures of the newly sprouted mushrooms in the yard, the tiny green shoots of the next crop of weeds, the lovely fallen maple leaves from the neighbor's trees, and the latest bunch of roses to bloom in my Dad's Rose Garden.

Confession: I've been stuck on the internet all day...jacked in, like the sci-fi movie...The Matrix...this week, I'm totally hooked on the prospect that my cellphone carrier will offer the WiFi-Enabled Handset of My Dreams on Wednesday!

All the Fan Boy/Gadget Websites have been abuzz with rumors and chimeras about the coming of Motorola's new Google Android Powered Phone, the "Droid"...the less circumspect among them have actually uttered the phrase: "iPhone Killer"...Everyone, take a deep,, out...

I managed not to leave the friendly confines of the Ancestral Digs today, and still made some homemade Crookneck Soup that wowed my audience at the dinner table! I need to hit the Asian Grocery for my next Culinary Coup, but I'm a dedicated Multi-Tasker behind the wheel of late. There's a trip to Fry's Technology Emporium and the Big Box Office Supply on the docket, and I need a new Cowboy Hat too...all in the same neighborhood...That's Mr. MultiTasking to you! Multi Tasking...Hoe-oh!

It's all a diversionary tactic though...the north winds are heavy with portent...maybe winter will arrive in the Central Sierra early like in the, I submitted...before I got up and got dressed I surfed the Remote Sensors, read the Forecast Discussions from Reno's NWS Office, and looked at all the forecast, the mercury plummeted. Boreal has had their fans running around the clock, though they weren't pushing much water mid-day. Cold Northerlies are doing their magic, and Boreal might have enough to get open again in time for Halloween.

The Local News Live Remote from Boreal on Halloween Night is kinda cliche on the Mountain, we get it, in real estate, everything is Location, Location, Location...and Boreal's got that. The rest is Marketing, plain and simple. Who can blame them for making the most of their ideal situation?

Before I get all excited and stuff, there's still Crab Season Opener, Family for Thanksgiving, and a long list of chores still to be completed...oh, and New Phone Shopping! The Droid should be my solution to the "How to get the latest satellite and radar loops in RealTime in my Cat Dilemma"

Watching TV on a phone in a snow cat is business...not a sitcom...really! There might be a sitcom in there...but I'm not writing it...honest!

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