Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thoughts On The Beach

I'm feeling like an iguana on a Mexican beach today. It's officially balmy here in the Inland Valley. I made it a point last night to watch Sacramento's 11 o'clock news, and yes...Boreal's Costume-Clad Patrons did get to mug for the MiniCams and the viewing public.

But that's not the News...rather it's just confirmation of the turning of Earth through the Heavens leading us Northern Hemisphere dwellers into Winter...

Closer to my Mountain, Halloween Costumes at Boreal are just another touchstone on our way through Fall. So what was remarkable on the 11 o'clock Newscast? I was struck by the demeanor of the Weekend Weatherman who wrapped up his forecast saying "No rain on the horizon for another two weeks, at least"...

I was expecting what he said, but I was taken aback by the way he said it. The poor guy sounded like a 7 year old who'd just lost his new puppy. He was almost crestfallen...discouraged even, and he sounded deflated.

So there I am...12 hours later, dressed in shorts and a Hawaiian Shirt, listening to KFBK's Farmer Fred Radio Show. In full Beach-Mode, I'm reading the Sunday Paper while waiting to fetch my Mom outside of the Church. Can you imagine my surprise when I heard Fred's guest, The Sacramento Bee's Garden Writer Debbie Arrington say: " weather forecasters are saying there's going to be at least 30 Major Storms come through Northern California's Coast between now and March 31st..."

I alerted abruptly, and paid close attention as she said the forecasters were "Mavericks Surf Contest Guys" Hmmm, back to the my mind anyway.

Mavericks is the New Big Wave Mecca for surfers Worldwide. Just North of Half Moon Bay, the waves at Mavericks can reach the mythical 50ft size during Winter Storms.

Surf Fans and Weather Geeks can sign up for Big Swell Alerts at theMavSurfer Website...after you sign up, you'll receive the same Contest Swell Alert that the Surf Competitors get in advance of the Big Mavericks Tourney.

Thinking beach thoughts, I realized again that Surfing, like Skiing or Snowboarding, are just another type of Gravity Sport. Here in NorCal, all are best practiced in Winter...I don't have a clue about the "Mavericks Surf Contest Weatherguys"

Patience...Winter will come soon enough.

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