Saturday, November 7, 2009

Whistle'n Good

This Glorious Fall Day made me whistle out loud! It wasn't a tune, per se...rather a punctuation mark of the audio variety...think Hawkeye's whistle in Robert Altman's movie M*A*S*H.

I hunkered down yesterday, cozy inside, avoiding the damp gray reality of the little system that brushed by to the north of the Inland Valley. This afternoon, I caught up with the shopping chores.

I did a little detour through my nearest Verizon Wireless Store to get a hands-on impression of Motorola's new Android-powered Smartphone, the Droid. Wow! No wonder I felt the whistle urge! It's a totally CrushWorthy Device.

Motorola's Droid is the Alpha Male of Touchscreen Phones. I'll go so far to say the coming Battle Royale of Droid vs iPhone will shake out along the line between the sexes...yes the Droid is a Man's Smartphone...hard edges and ready to MultiTask. The iPhone serves the distaff side of the market smoothly and smartly in a comfortable way that's more nurturing...if you will.

Recraetion accomplished, I buckled down and did my real supplies...a tank of gas...I trolled the parking lot of the Health Food Store without luck, and shopped instead at my favorite Boutique Grocery Store.

Everyone I encountered on my Shopping Expedition was wearing a smile, and displayed their Sunny Dispositions...whistle, indeed!

I'm trying a couple of new recipes for Thanksgiving this week...Triple Ginger Cookies, and a roasted veggie dish named "Jewel Roasted Vegetables". This year, I'm going back to only two flavors of pie...I added Sweet Potato Pie a couple of years ago, but this year Pumpkin and Pecan will soldier on without the Johnny-Come-Lately Southern Favorite.

Later this evening, my sister and her husband are coming to the Ancestral Digs for dinner and a movie. I'm just doing Burgers on the BBQ, but I'm reprising SturgeUrge's Grilled Eggplant Parmigiana, so there's something for everybody.

I'll probably whistle while I bake the Ginger's another Good Day!

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