Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Ain't Easy

The sun is setting here in the Inland Valley. I've been doing my best sloth impersonation all day. The extent of my real exertion has been clicking on websites, save for a quick blast through the local Farmer's Market to grab another week's worth of Vine Ripe Heirloom Tomatoes. Did I mention that BLTs are Proof that God Exists?

The morning dawned cold here at the Ancestral Digs, the normal low overcast here was replaced by the fog in my head...owing to a late night fascination of Tech Video Podcast viewing, and too much catching up on the Blogs in the wake of the House vote on Government Healthcare.

Today, while watching the last MotoGP motorcycle road race of the 2009 season with one eye, I was researching the Marine Weather Prospects for Monday's Crab Trip with SturgeUrge with the other eye. Generally, the local weather people are looking more upbeat today than they have for several least they have some hazardous weather to report!

Small Craft Advisories are posted for Hazardous Seas in the waters outside of the Golden Gate. Wouldn't you know it? SturgeUrge and I planned to be on a Party Boat tomorrow to head out for the first Dungeness Crab Hunt of the season. There's precious little else to fish for on the ocean now. We were hoping to get on a Big Boat for a quick blast out the Gate to pick a quick limit of Dungees, and then back into the Bay to knock out the rest of the trip live bait fishing for Halibut.

The Landings weren't offering this option, so we'll put off the crab for another week. The Tides tomorrow are the best looking Halibut Tides we've seen since Mid-Summer, so we'll be launching out of Richmond in the morning for what will undoubtedly be our last halibut Trip of 2009.

Once tomorrow's plan was squared away, I started reading the Sunday Chronicle Online. The Travel Section today is the Annual Skiing Edition, and there was a Winter Weather Feature. Local weather Guru, Mike Pechner was interviewed for his take on the upcoming season's likely weather picture. My heart was warmed as I read his prediction...the same one I made a couple months back. It's common sense really...odds are it'll be a normal or above normal winter.

The local Surfing Weatherman, KTVU's Bill Martin was the cooler head prevailing in the story, echoing CorduroyPlanet's mantra: Let's not get excited...Martin went on to say: "there's no indication of anything big happening"

So there it is. I get the discomfort the Local Weather Guys in, day out needing to say something for their Four Minutes of Airtime. The Doldrums are hell. Boring and they make for a thankless job...trying to hold a jaded TV Audience rapt every evening. It ain't easy.

The Big Swells will abate, starting tonight. The Snowmaking Fans were running overnight in the High Sierra, and for the next few nights, Snowmaking Temps will prevail. The Forecast Discussions point to some warming ahead, and a couple of "Slight Chances of Precipitation" scudding by to the north.

When I did get out today, the Sun warmed my face like the Sun does in Cabo San Lucas. That Sunshine warms more than your warms the Heart, too. Mmm, mmm, good!

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