Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"When you wish upon a star"...goes the Walt Disney chestnut..."Makes no difference who you are"...Anything your heart desires, Will come to you"

I've always heard the lyric as: "Makes no difference where you are..." so that's what plays in my head when I reflect on wishes. I've noticed a surfeit of wishes lately, from the weatherfolks in all quarters. Wishing for a change in the weather...any change, really...can't Mother Nature please get on with it? I'm bored with all this pleasant fall weather, they cry.

Not me, no sir! I'm loving this stuff! On TV and radio, the teasing of another "Big Change" fills every available second of empty airtime. I know the poor WeatherReaders are bored with their routines, but leave me alone already! I read the same NWS Forecast Discussions that they do, and I'm just not seeing it! Since when did "No agreement in the models equal "Big Pattern Change"?

The only pattern I've observed in the Mountains this past week is the steady rise of temperatures! Since Boreal turned off their Snowmaking Fans before they reopened their one lift and trail on October 30th, the mercury has only flirted with the mid-30's overnight. The trend has been slightly warming, with overnight lows in the low-40's and afternoon highs in the mid-60's

CorduroyPlanet's Northern Alliance has checked in citing their cold temps, but hey...they're up by the 45th Parallel...halfway to the North Pole, fercrissakes! Last evening, as I was rolling the trash and recycling out to the curb, the North Wind warmed the Inland Valley, and my's the Fairweather Wind after all, and the day's high was in the upper-70's.

It's like everyone wants to harsh my mellow or something! I know I'm not the only one who's enjoying this calm before the storm. I can do without the Bum's Rush blather, thank you very much! Today is November 4th...that means that Hurricane Season ended four days ago!

What's all this Revving Up about? It's not just the weather either. I'm seeing it across the board...politics, Regional Conflicts, sports, crime...all of it! It seems like some unseen hand turned the volume up to eleven!

Just quit it! I'll turn my own volume to eleven when the snow flies, or the Manmade starts to pile up! In the meantime, I'm just gonna set my Cruise Control to slow, and take the time to smell the roses...and water them twice a week!

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