Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stat Wrap

No, not more baseball, besides I'm a Giants fan, not a stat rat...anyway, I'm givin' it a rest until Saturday when my San Francisco Giants play in Philadelphia.

I've read a few articles lately that cover the changing of the seasons...Mark McLaughlin, of penned a look at Truckee's September rainfall and it's place in the High Sierra's Water Year. Everybody gets excited by the first decent storm of the season...old news.

There's two weeks left of Atlantic Hurricane Season, and it's been more quiet than the forecast...nothing of any real import on the horizon either.  The authors mention the early snow on New Hampshire's Mt Washington while apologizing for the weak hurricane season that didn't match the active season forecast.

Sounds like good news to this observer...remember the fears of hurricanes messing with the Gulf Oil Spill? That was a total train wreck even without tropical weather jumping into the fray!

After the High Pressure brought North Winds and Red Flag Fire Weather Warnings over the weekend, here in the Inland Valley, it's warm, but not quite hot. It was a little muggy this afternoon. I worked all afternoon on the Family's Tax Time in Pepperland...sweaty stuff weather or no.

I'll be back up the Hill once more before Thanksgiving...before the November 2nd General Election actually, so I perused the Reno AFD. They're forecasting warmer than usual weather for the next week...and zero precipitation in the near term.

I'm reminded that it's getting to be Snowmaking Time for Boreal if they're gonna spin a chairlift on Halloween...I'll see if their webcam is online yet...

Waddya know...Boreal's webcam is back online after taking Summer off! Not much to see, the thermometer was 45.9F° at 9:20PM...the mountain lights weren't on, and the Half Moon isn't bright enough to really illuminate the bare ground.

 SturgeUrge, Urge's brother, and KirkVallus are down at the tip of Baja fishing, and the Sea of Cortés is a little cool for this time of year...just like the rest of the Eastern Pacific.

We didn't get a "Regulation Summer" this year...who can say what the Fall will bring?  I'm not a Gambling Man, but I'm tempted to wager that Boreal is gonna be hard pressed to make enough snow for their Halloween Show this time around...either way, it'll be fun to watch!

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