Friday, October 15, 2010

Soldiering On

The Boys look to be havin' a good time down in Baja Sur. The killer app cum appliance, Facebook has been beaming their fishing photos to us Norteños daily, where the non pescadors among KirkVallus' FB friends comment and the fishermen drool and envy.

A mutual friend asked: "I take it T-Dave you're maybe just a bit jealous you're not there?!"

"Not a bit...I'll get 'em next year...did get my Mom's Taxes done tonight, though! More wahoo, Boys!", I replied...I knew in May that I wouldn't be going South this Fall...I had too many pins in the air this year. I'll do it right in'll be epic...think Odysseus.

I'm feeling a "good tired" tonight...Income Taxes are just too much hassle. Can we ditch the Income Tax and the millions of pages of rules and go to a Flat Tax, or better yet, a Consumption Tax please? Wouldn't it be wonderful to liberate all those suffering, button downed accountants? Who knows, one of 'em could turn around and cure cancer or something...

So I'm resting up...feelin' the glow of accomplishment...watching some tube...doing the email...thinking about the next round of baseball playoffs. The American League starts Giants go to bat Saturday in's more epic on tap.

I read some interesting new info about our Sun...but that's a story for a day not devoted to rest and relaxation...on deck, October's 90 Day Climate Outlook Discussion.

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