Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Resting Up Again

It's amazing to me that I could be weary just from rooting for the San Francisco Giants in September and October.

I have fiddled with my sleep schedule a little over the past few days...getting up extra early to drive SturgeUrge and his brother to the airport early Sunday morning kinda dovetailed into Sunday's Giants' Game...thanks to COMCAST, our cable provider here at the Ancestral Digs.

I've been sleeping through my alarm clock lately...I've been staying up 'till 1AM most nights to watch a talk show on TV...this usually segues into watching the last half hour of Craig Ferguson's "Late, Late Show" (I was a Johnny Carson fan...I never got into Leno, and I'm so over Letterman) I dig that Ferguson is a Proud, Newly-Minted American Citizen! Ferguson is such a fervent American-O-Phile that he got a tattoo of Benjamin Franklin's "Join or Die" woodcut:

It's really easy to wake up and turn off the alarm when you've set it just so you can listen to the local morning radio guys' first hour. It's a different story when you're getting up to head out to work in the morning...knowing my recent behavior is why I awoke at 0430 when I'd set the alarm for 0545, and I stayed up 'till the appointed hour Sunday morning...

So Sunday after I dropped the Baja-Bound guys off at the airport, I did a little shopping on my way home, and hopped back into bed with my laptop to write Sunday's CorduroyPlanet, and to do some email and Sunday Paper Surfing.

Around 10:30AM the broadband quit workin'...I picked up the dial tone...I got back out of bed, walked into the den, and reset the joy...I tried a couple more times, to similar results, so I decided on a nap around 10:30AM. I turned the TV on...cableTV was working fine, and set the alarm clock for 12:30PM (The Giants' game's first pitch was scheduled at 1:37PM PDT)

I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow...I awoke with a start when the CableTV went out. It was 12:25...I grabbed my cell and called COMCAST Service...the Robo-Operator finally droned: "COMCAST is aware of the outage and we are working to restore service in your area"...just an hour to Game Time!

Everything came together 10 minutes or so later...Whew!

A tense game ensued in Atlanta, won in the 9th by the Giants, after losing a one run lead to the Braves in the 8th. A heartbreaking loss for the Braves this time. (They broke our hearts Friday in the 11th)

Monday night's game was another tense one (all Giants' games have been close since the All Star Break) The Giants' Radio Announcers went so far to coin a phrase for the Giant's game winning MO: "Torture" Ha!

Lots of drama, lots of one point games...torture fits. Tuesday the Giants' victory won the Division Series, and they got to spray champagne everywhere. Spirits were high, and ski goggles were worn by the revelers.

Thursday the Giants begin the National League Championship Series against Philadelphia...that's gonna be even more torturous torture!

I'm gonna let the DVR watch the late night stuff for me this week...I'm gonna need my beauty-sleep.

Truth? I'm outta shape...after all, I haven't done this since 1962...and I had the endless energy of youth that time around!

Good night...

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