Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spaced Out

Jeez, I was up early this morning...yeah, I stayed up late too...

Formula One visited Japan this week, and the Japanese Grand Prix was televised LIVE Saturday night at 10:30PM PDT Good racing after a ragged first lap, and a victory for the German Wunderkind, Sebastian Vettel further tightened the race for the Driver's Championship. Five racers are still in the hunt...with three race weekend to go.

The SpeedTV telecast showed a very cool look at some of the latest/greatest technology from the Renault F1 Team. Unbelievably, they did a couple of minutes on the Renault R30's Rear Diffuser.

The rear diffuser is where all the aerodynamic magic happens...a full 40% of an F1 car's downforce is generated by the was really surprising that Renault allowed TV cameras to capture their design...Thanks, Team Renault!

So, the race was over a little before 1AM...I had to get up at 0545 to take some pals to the airport...and I awoke at 0420...little kid on Christmas Morning Syndrome...lots of stuff goin' on in my world today!

I dropped the guys in front of the OAK terminal as the Sun was rising over the East Bay Hills. No fog or "Marine Layer" to mar the moment...the lights were on at the Oakland Coliseum in preparation for today's Raider game.

The thermos of French Roast didn't exactly cut the fog in my brain either...sleep deprivation...marine layer division...

Back at the Ancestral Digs, I fired up the NFL Pre-Game Show on ESPN...I'm just marking time until this afternoon's SF Giants game vs Atlanta...the tension is already building...hmmm, maybe it is the French Roast...nah...

Preparing to write CorduroyPlanet, I saw a tweet from @Virgin_Galactic announcing a successful glide test over the Mojave this morning. The VSS Enterprise is a Burt Rutan design that is slated to take passengers up to the edge of Space, once they get the testing finished...and I imagine FAA Certification. Private, Commercial Spaceflight is drawing nearer thanks to Sir Richard Branson's vision and cheekyness. I wish him well, I can't wait for Manned Space Travel to come to the Marketplace!

Virgin Galactic's VSS Enterprise hangs below the wing of the launch plane

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