Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Storm Door Is Open

That title is a direct quote...I just heard KTVU2's WeatherDude, Steve Paulson say it and go on to amplify for anchor Tori Campbell, remarking: "Wide open after Sunday" Exciting times for Bay Area Meteorologists! These guys live for "Pattern Change" every Fall.

The satellite image shows the source of all the excitement, though the image I lifted from KTVU2's website isn't half as dramatic as the satellite picture they featured on their Noon News!

This morning, the streets near the Ancestral Digs were damp. We've had some drizzle, but not enough to run through the roof's gutters and down the downspout. (I'd forgotten about the comforting sound of that downspout outside my childhood bedroom)

I'm actually doing a little irrigating out in the Diggins despite the light drizzle today...I want to transplant a couple of things before the rain begins in earnest.

While the hose runs, I'm tuned into Sacramento's KCRA3 Noon News...sadly, they're running wall to wall remote from the Roseville Galleria in the aftermath of the devastating barricaded suspect/arson fire that destroyed 25% of the area's most prosperous mall. They did give the weather guy enough time to promise an inch of rain for the Big Valley and "several inches in the High Country"

I hit the Diggs and snapped a few photos while the hose ran...

Fall is the Inland Valley's "Second Spring" when the hills turn green and all manner of new green shoots pop up..

OK, time to take a deep your eyes...Thanksgiving is next month. It's Boreal that wants to turn their lifts on 8 Day's time...relax...Boreal Snowmakers can do their Snow Dances...

I checked my Twitter feed after I finished soaking the transplant candidates. @Skiingmag touted Maine's @sundayriver announcing they were open for business! Yup, Man-Made snow, one trail...first in the country for the 2010-2011 Season.

The Storm Door is season beckons...Stay Tuned!

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