Friday, October 22, 2010

Waiting, Anticipating

It's "sitting on pins and needles" time at the Ancestral Digs...I'm listening to Sports Radio count down to the first pitch of NLCS Game 4 at AT&T Park. To call tonight's game "highly anticipated" would be a World Class understatement.

This afternoon, I ran over to a neighboring town to pick up some building materials, and stopped at the local grocery on my way back to the Digs. I saw a lot of brand spankin' new Giants hats, T-Shirts, hoodies, and Jerseys. I even saw a hybrid Giants/Golf was a Black and Orange ballcap, with an orange Titleist logo on the front and the Giants' "SF" logo on the sides...kinda cool...I saw a waking World Series couple coming out of the market...Him, 6-4 all smiles in his Yankees T-Shirt and Ballcap..Her (all 5-1 90lbs) stylin' in the brand new SF Giants two-tone track suit!

I didn't engage them, but they were the walking, talking personification of my dream World Series Re-Match!

It's not just Giants' fans waiting for a sign. All the local WeatherPeople are awaiting their own "Post Season" now that their "Spring Training" is over and Big League Weather is on the horizon!

Talk about anticipation...these weathergeeks can barely contain their excitement! They've been teasing the approaching cold front for more than a week. In the Bay Area, the first rainstorm is a big deal to the weather presenters on TV.

This is their version of breaking last! Now there will be change and variety to talk about after six months of day in day out...low clouds near the coast...with afternoon winds...and warm temps inland...

Looking at Reno's AFD, I'm sure the NWS forecasters are having a ball with the coming system too. At this time, the snow levels still look to be high, with most of the forecast 1.5-2.0 inches of precip falling on the Western Slope, leaving little to fall as snow over the Sierra Crest.

Never say never, but it is three days out still...

Up in the High Sierra, snowmaking crews are waiting with baited breath...Boreal's been tweeting in anticipation of the coming cooling. I can't blame 'em, it's been cool all Spring and Summer, and warm so far this Fall. Only one short stretch of freezing temps in the last 30 days...barely more than an hour long in the wee hours of October wonder the call is going out for some SnowDancing!

There is moisture on the way, it rained for a while tonight on the baseball game. It turned into rain on the Giants' parade, when the Philies beat the Giants the teams head back to Philadelphia for Game 5 Saturday...and more waiting, anticipating...

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