Thursday, April 14, 2011

Light Switch Weather

I'm being more than a little lazy this morning...this being laundry day and all...I was up before 0430, and fell back asleep until 8:30AM. Upon waking, I was elated to see another bluebird morning shaping up.

I fought my better nature, and lazed in bed for another hour and a half...scanned the email, read some pundits, caught up on the Formula One News, and watched the Trainwreck News.

I finally got up and headed upstairs to make sure the garbage and recycling were curbside just before 11AM. WTF? It was snowing horizontal...and there was a half an inch on the deck and stairs!

Now at 11:30AM the sun is starting to break through again! There's still snowflakes floating about, but the little front appears to be blasting through in a forecast.

I scanned the webcams, satellite images, and checked CalTrans for chain controls...chain controls are up on Hwy50 over the controls on I-80 yet, the Kingvale webcam shows wet lanes, but no shadows yet. The remote sensors have the mercury just under 30°F at pass level 7337 Ft.

The sun's getting brighter out, so it's probably all but finished...laundry is dragging on too...the snow came on like a light switch, but it looks more like the end will be the taper-off kind...

I watched the Noon News from Sacramento...should be some cold air hanging around for a day or two...fingers crossed!

Drat, a close reading of Reno's AFD says normal temps will likely return by Thursday afternoon...for sure the Hero Snow will be baked off by Friday night. #earningit

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