Friday, April 15, 2011

Master and Commander

A great film that one. Captain Jack Aubry had a great line in it: "What a fascinating, modern world we live in"

I often remember that line when today's tech offers a new experience. Tonight it was 90 minutes of live streaming video from Shanghai, China. Formula One's P1, the first free practice of the F1 weekend.

This is pure raw video without commentary, and with only the barest compliment of graphics showing the time rankings.

This is good for a hardcore gearhead like me. It seems the teams are much less protective of their stuff when there's not a pit lane reporter accompanying the camera man to explain every new nuance to the millions of television viewers around the world. Long, lurid looks at the latest front wing elements, and other aerodynamic bits would get the garage door slammed in mid-shot on TV. Man does this stuff flick my switch!

I gotta keep it short today...I needed my sleep!

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