Saturday, April 16, 2011

Catchin' My Breath for the Grind Ahead

Lately all I do is work and sleep...on my days off, I relax and sleep. The days are getting longer and ski season gets a day shorter daily.

Grooming's been good so far this week. SuperHero Snow reigned on my first shift of the week. We kicked it big time, knocked out some extra trails, and were punched out early. Last night, the squeak in the snow was gone, but temps had stayed reasonable, so it still went well.

Still, I felt used up driving home. I've been meaning to hit the Post Office and grocery store each morning after work, but I guess I've deemed these to be Non-Essential trips. I can survive on my larder, such as it is.

That new distributor isn't going to install itself...just a sunny day God...that's all I'm askin'...

I fell asleep twice today watching Formula One P2 Practice on my DVR. Last evening I streamed P1 which is presented without commentary. I was struck by how much the weather in Shanghai looked like Coastal California winter weather. I enjoyed the long, uninterrupted looks at the team's latest aerodynamic bits, especially the front wing elements (which are terrifically complex, and sculpturally gorgeous)

So this morning I was watching P2 from China when Steve Matchette former Benetton-F1 mechanic and SpeedTV F1 Analyst commented on the smog in Shanghai...not a coastal marine layer ala Coastal California in industrial smog! Yikes! I remember the Summer Olympics from Beijing, and how I worried for the athlete's looked worse yesterday.

P3 streams at 8PM PDT and Qualifying is DVR-ready at 11PM, and the Chinese Grand Prix rolls out Saturday night at 11:30PM PDT

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