Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cheeseburger Time

Sunday mornings are my Friday Nights. After our most excellent Saturday Graveyard Shift, my week ended on a high note. I had enough time in hand to spend a few minutes on top of my mountain with all my lights off watching the first colors of  dawn paint my world as Venus changed from Mars red to Venus white.

We wrapped up the mountain and base areas by 8AM and we finished the shift helping Park Guy wrap up his list. We were back at the fuel dock by 8:30AM, and punched out by 9:00

A glorious morning made me savor my drive sky, cobalt blue lakes, velvet mountain forests is the sunshine, clean, cold air...every time I have a morning like this, I thank my lucky stars that life lead me here.

In Full Savor Mode, I postponed a grocery store stop and headed home to the DaveCave, where my DVR was brimming with open wheel racing and the Spring Classic Paris/Roubaix bicycle race.

I parked the parts runner in the driveway, grabbed my stuff and headed down the stairs. As I took the first step, I heard it...the first cheeseburger bird call of spring. "Hell yes!" I shouted...

After watching the F1 Qualifying and the start of the Malaysian GP, then sleeping through the Giants/Cards Game, I woke up and finished viewing a great F1 race from Mayalasia. The IndyCar Race from Alabama's Barber Motorsports Park was quite a bit less engaging so I surfed the web and found this:

No, I'm not the Goofy Gus muggin' for his child here, but you can hear my point...

I don't think Springtime has officially arrived until I hear the Mountain Chickadee sing "Cheese-Bur-Ger" I love these little guys!

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