Sunday, April 17, 2011


Did I write "Catchin' My Breath For The Grind Ahead" only yesterday?

Looking at today's weather makes me think smear...not grind. The remote sensors have the afternoon temps in the low 50's, and the mercury hasn't fallen out of the 40's as of 8PM. It's gonna be gooey tonight.

Last night turned out OK after looking awful on paper. Swing shift were high as kites because they'd dodged the bullet...the soft wet snow had not begun to set up, so they knocked out a bunch of acres and were making their escape before things turned gnarly.

When graveyard hit the slopes, the pack was setting up. The first hour or so was awful...go so slow that it looks hopeless...and the surface is just passable...not exactly inspiring...

The forecasters have been touting high snow levels and rain Saturday for a few days now...yet more inspiration antidote...

So, I got home this morning after a night that turned out much better than we'd expected it would at shift change, and dove feet first into another buzzkill,

Well not straight away actually, before filling out tax documents for my Sainted Mother, I enjoyed lunch and Formula One Qualifying.

I don't remember falling asleep, but when I woke up the SF Giants were leading the Arizona Diamondbacks, and went on to win. Between innings, I scanned the web for intel.

Temps were still up, but the Reno AFD had good news...the moisture was going to pass by to the north. I'll take it!

Doing the math...tonight I'll have to earn it. Grooming is gonna be like puttin' a schmear on a bagel. (There's something to the fact that I didn't say 'like putting icing on a cake')

But hey, it's my Friday, and when I get home Sunday morning, there'll be the Chinese Grand Prix waiting on my DVR, IndyCars at Long Beach, and the Giants game to fall asleep to. There's gonna be cake in there somewhere...

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