Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday's Parade

Lucky me! Last night turned out fine after looking so bad by the numbers. Yes, it was a grind...pun intended...We finished the truncated list and were done at 8:45 It finally set up hard around 0400 so things turned out fine. When I finally punched out it was starting to snow, which pumped my mood to stratospheric heights given the doom and gloom forecasts of the past few days!

I talked to BajaBabe on my way home. BajaBabe is in California traveling before her season and we're going to have a few days together in early May, and again to watch the AMGEN Tour of California race through Truckee on the 16th.

I didn't even look at the weather before bed and slept like a Saint. Now I wake up and it's raining...raining, raining! This time I did look at the weather. The webcams showed the snowlevels to be way up there as forecast. The AFD and forecasts say the snowlevels will fall to Lake Level by morning.

I'm hanging my hat on that Lake Level meme...back to bed!

Uh oh...I woke to my 10PM alarm and it sounds like the Monsoon's knockin' on my front door. No joy on the webcams or remote sensors either...c'mon snowlevel start dropping already!

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