Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sweetness and Dark

It never ceases to amaze me...just how much an inch or two of new snow will improve the outlook of a groomer in Spring...I'm talking Hero Snow...with just a few weeks to go in Ski Season!

My dream every spring, especially "down the stretch", is to get a small storm once a week, with cold temps, to stave off the afternoon slush/graveyard boilerplate routine. As long as the snow stays squeaky, I'm in paradise...once the thaw/freeze/thaw regime begins, well let's just say that's when grooming becomes a job.

That hour or two of "Perfect Corn" seems like so much settling to me. As a groomer, I'm all about winter snow, period. Once springtime conditions set in, I'm all about fishing, bicycle racing, motorsports, and baseball.

Last night was a rare springtime gem, hero snow from top to bottom, and even though half my crew showed up an hour late, conditions were so favorable that we kicked the list despite a winchcat going down after sunrise. A few very cold mica-like flakes, cold ambient temps gave the shift extra sparkle before a clearing sunrise promised a bluebird day. Words fail on these kinds of mornings...plenty of joy for the crew, another peak experience don'tcha know!

The hits just kept coming once I got home to the DaveCave! Today was the Home Opener for the World Champion San Francisco Giants. CableTV showed the opening ceremonies where the Championship Flag was hoisted over AT&T Park, and I was ambushed by how emotional it all made me feel. Like all SF Giants Fans, I waited a lifetime for baseball glory to visit our house.

The Giants put on a fine show and won the game over the St Louis Cardinals 5-4 in twelve innings. After the game, Giants' manager Bruce Bochy said: "It's obvious we're not retiring 'Torture'"

Isolated snow showers are in tonight's forecast, but Spring is in the air...with all it's sweet paradoxes.

Breathe deep...

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