Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It's my first whole day off this weekend. Damn, Springtime is here in full force. I dunno what the afternoon high temp is, but it feels like it's in the 70's!

I spent my morning watching the Trainwreck News and shredding a month's worth of credit card come ons, and other junk mail with too much identity detail to just casually recycle...

I made some more baby steps on my pickup's distributor R&R plug wires are ordered, and on their way to the DaveCave Garage...this seems like a never-ending whirlpool of one step forward/two steps back...

I've thrown open all the windows in the DaveCave, and spent some time outside basking like a lizard in the sunshine...I haven't heard a single "cheeseburger" bird call yet.

Tuesday is just One Awesome Online Auto Parts Store! I ordered the new spark plug wires at 3:13PM Monday. My UPS Guy delivered them this morning at 11:13AM! Do the math...that's 20 hours folks!

I set about installing them on my new distributor cap while watching the Noon News. A big chill is coming with a chance of snow...In fact, most of the chill arrived today, along with Lake Wind Advisories and high harbinger clouds. The weather presenters say snow levels could be as low as 2500ft by Thursday morning.

Uh-oh, there's a problem with the plug wire set...three of the shortest wires, and only one of the next-to-longest...just damn! Back to the internet, I ordered another set...this time at 1:22PM...crap! I so wanted to drive my own pickup to work tonight!

I sought solace online...first to the remote sensors...a full 10°F lower than yesterday's high temp...still, it has been 36 hours since the mercury touched freezing...

I read the latest Reno AFD. They're upping the precip a little...4-8 inches above 7000ft. Cold temps and snow showers will hang around until Friday night...can you say Hero Snow again?

Well, there you are...a semi-happy ending...huevos rancheros and a Giants game to put me to bed...I'm rooting for a pitching duel...the better to fall asleep to...Did I mention the homemade "Baja Style" margarita? Two parts tequila blanco, one part triple sec, one+ part fresh squeezed key lime juice...¡Olé!

Good Night...

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