Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Want Fries With That?

Springtime is beginning to take it's toll on me.

According to Reno's AFD, salvation in the form of a cold front with snow is supposed to arrive overnight Wednesday. In front of the advancing cold front, there's more than enough wind to blow up some dust. When I got home this morning, I noticed that Mrs Landlord's Suet Bird Feeder had gone MIA...blown away? I looked around for it to no avail.

So, last night was my Monday. The days are getting longer, and the sun is getting higher in the sky daily, making daytime sleeping tougher and tougher. Yesterday I laid in bed from 3:30PM until 10:15PM. All in all, I banked roughly two hours of actual sleep. When I was shaving post-shower, my eyes were bright red in the mirror...ouch! My body clock has been all out of whack since daylight savings time returned.

Thankfully, temps were down and grooming conditions were passable. The piste was robust enough that your blade wouldn't dive into the soft stuff beneath the hard frozen crust. Going was slow, but the product was satisfactory...firm, but with enough loose, fresh ground "pixie dust" to make decent looked good under the lights through the rear-view mirrors!

When the grooming is like this, there's not a lot for the groomers to berms to control, no moguls to cut, no managing up-pressure. There's no digging or plowing to do, and ground speed is just a slow stroll...boredom and "Highway Hypnosis" set in early. My frighteningly red, sleep deprived eyes started turning to barely open slits after an hour or two, and no amount of podcast hijinx could help forestall the inevitable. Somtime around 3AM, I pulled up, reclined my seatback, turned down the stereo, turned off my lights and set the timer app on the iPod for 30 minutes. I woke up with 1:46 left before the alarm sounded....problem solved.

Eventually the night turned into a lovely morning, and we got off the hill a little early. I don't think I made it to the noon news.

I woke up during the 5th inning of the Giants/Padres game. Finally I watch the Giants win one! So far this season, I've seen all the games save one...their only victory until today's game. Young Tim Lincecum, the two time Cy Young winner who looks like he came straight from a Diane Arbus photograph, struck out 13 batters while giving up three hits, one run, and no walks. Ahhh, springtime!

Back to bed....I don't want to feel like french fries again tonight!

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  1. Yum! Can't wait to taste 'em.

    Woke up to snow and coldish, grey conditions. No fog here, just a continuous cloud bank that hovers over the John Day Valley. Can't see Cinnabar Mt. yet.

    Lots of birds liking it out there! Especially after the day of snrain that we had yesterday. Guess Seneca is a big ole pond of water, at least for the moment. Seneca tends to be one of the colder locations in the lower 48 and so it may well be frozen. Somewhat like Martis Lake topography.

    later on