Sunday, February 28, 2010

Got It Down

Saturday Night!
Bu-bye smug. Fatigue is today's theme. It was a productive storm...13 inches on the 24hr snow stake. It wasn't exactly champagne powder...textbook Sierra Cement. Around the base area it was so beats you up...thanks God for weekends!

We kicked it anyway, and the sun was peeking through the cloud deck when we got off. I finished my morning out in the woods...laying cross country tracks. No, not on floss a BR350 with a track setter on the tiller...not my cup of tea.

The upside of the wet snow is that it piles high, and California needs the water.

Sunday AM Update
Me and the crew kicked it last night! We knocked out the Work Orders. and groomed the obvious oversights on said Orders too...

I was on the road before 0830, headin' home to the DaveCave to start my days off. More chores...there's a fluorescent fixture in the galley I need to replace, and general clean up to do.

Maybe I can stay awake to watch the Gold Medal Hockey game from Vancouver...

The weatherman says my days off will be nice, but the winter storms will return when I go back to work Tuesday night. Bring It!


  1. Pass the smugness, please. Tonight (Monday) I pulled down the old KitchenAid K45 and attached to it a vintage Hobart meat grinder I scored on eBay a couple weeks back.

    Damn, I love what separates us from the rest of the animal world ... power tools! (OK, sure, there is likely some dolphin somewhere who has been taught to use a snout mounted power drill or something similar, but no doplhin ever designed one.)

    After removing the majority of the fat I ground up enough pork to keep me in Chorizo Verde for two months. It sure beats the living heck out of doing it by hand with the old Universal!

  2. I hear ya, CD. Tonight I made a brine, and started my own Corned Beef. Alas, no exotic culinary machinery required...sigh...

    Oh, home made pizza for dinner...crust, too.

  3. I used to be a recreational bread maker until my oven went belly up for the second time a few years back. Oh, I'll get around to fixing it or get a new rig, but I am now long adjusted to a no oven lifestyle. I have always wanted to do home made pizza (we did when kids at home growing up) but the closest I ever got as an adult was Papa Murphy's.

    I never even got a chance to try the KitchenAid dough hook. I always meant to deploy it someday, but for me kneading by hand was half the fun. (Well, at least until my wrists decided that they had had enough and the ol' wrist lumbago set in.) I had a killer sourdough starter I maintained in the fridge for years.

    My latest inspiration is to create a stove top oven, possibly steam based or at least steam capable. I researched home made ovens on Mother Earth News and the net and have come up with my own design.

    Of course, the distance between design and practical execution is as huge as it has ever been for me. Maybe someday I'll get aroundtui.

  4. Chico, do yourself a favor, get a bread machine. Nothing like a dough robot to make life easy!

    craigslist is your salvation!

    Search: Breadman

    You want the Breadman TR2500BC $99 @ Amazon...I got mine for $40 on craigslist.Sacramento brand new. The TR2500BC is totally programmable...excellent for sourdough!