Tuesday, March 2, 2010


And God smote him...
Retribution is swift! I never should have gloated last week...Payback's a bitch!

After a few hours of new computer elation, cold, cruel, computer reality smacked me in the face! I'm making the switch to 64 bit Windows. All my files are FAT32. I have more than 10GB of them backed-up online...and that doesn't include music files.

My first step into the 64 bit world went fine. I downloaded 64 bit drivers and software for my EPSON R280 Photo Printer. Totally painless, start to finish. I printed some web pages, no problem.

I opened the "EPSON Print CD" program and it looked great, has some nice improvements, but that's when I realized that all my saved CD/DVD labels are 32 bit files. I went to the printer's website and inquired by email for some counsel on my upcoming move to the new system...24 hours and I'm still waiting for a reply.

27 hours...EPSON Support lets me know the bad news, my Label files won't play nice with the 64 bit program...another do-over in the name of progress...

Next up, iTunes 9. I downloaded and ran it. The installer scolded that I needed the 64 bit version, and offered a link. There was no 64 bit option offered on the iTunes download page...thanks Apple. I downloaded the 64 bit version, installed it and subscribed to a few new podcasts. I plugged in my iPod and it failed to synch. I tried a couple more times and finally gave up. Apple doesn't make email support easy to find, so I'm still running the old computer for iTunes and downloading directly to the Touch from my WiFi network...manually...there they go again, computers making my life easier again. Do you remember when the Personal Computer first came on the scene? They said we'd become a Paperless Society thanks to the PC Revolution...umm, exactly the opposite happened! It's a good think paper "grows on trees"!

I took a break from computer chores, did the Post Office and grocery shopping, and messed up the DaveCave's kitchen. I discovered a couple of other tech troubles. I made two DVD "Coasters" with my DVD Recorder, and found out I broke the LCD screen on my camera...let me up already! I'm sorry, OK?!

I made a brine from a Fine Cooking magazine recipe, and I'm curing my very first Corned Beef. St Patrick's Day is two weeks away, the Top Round Roast I'm turning into corned beef should be ready just in time! I'm not into Corned Beef and Cabbage. I love Reuben Sandwiches, and Corned Beef is usually a loss-leader around St Paddy's Day. Making my own gets me a little closer to the food, if you will.

I've been cooking since I was in the Boy Scouts. I make most of my own bread (albeit with a bread machine now), I've brewed hundreds of batches of homebrew, I smoke fish and poultry...and pork chops. I bake, I make salsa all summer long, and I grow vegetables and herbs. I've milled my own flour, and I even made home made ricotta cheese once upon a time. I've been a part of the Local Food Movement before there even was a movement, I guess.

In the DaveCave's kitchen I made a Sausage, Olive, and Mushroom pizza. After dinner and a full day's sleep I started back on the computer migration project. I was stymied by the Canon Laser All-In-One, so I have to consult my files for my purchase info, and call Tech Support for help...

I've been truly thoroughly smited for my boastful smugness...and it's not over yet. Tonight's my Monday, there's a new storm system crossing the Big Valley that will be here by the time I get up to go to work. Snow level may go as low as 2000 ft by morning! I haven't groomed Champagne Powder in a couple of weeks! Worse yet, I haven't written about grooming in more than a week, either!

For that I apologize!

Damn, I'm still Up...date!
So, it's now five hours after bedtime...I'm having serious trouble with iTunes...I've succeeded in losing all my Apps, and when I synch the thing, it doesn't load any content to the iPod! Of course, by the time I called Tech Support, they'd all gone home for the evening...Good Night!

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  1. Maybe, as a species, we taint as bright as some. No dolphin would produce a tool designed to give the average user so much grief as PC's do.

    But, boy howdy, do I make a mean Chorizo Verde. This afternoon I ground up some fennel and dried garlic together and added that to the base mix of juiced serranos, cayene, cumin, and this and that. Oh yeah, it is to die for ... and dolphin free!