Saturday, March 6, 2010

False Alarm

I woke up after a whole day's sleep, and fired up the internet to catch the weather forecast. I went to bed thinking the next system was going to scud by to our South. The WX sites I looked at both said Scattered Snow Showers. I looked at the animated Nexrad Radar and saw the Classic Back Door Storm Signature approaching the DaveCave. I clicked on my Mountain's Webcam, and was surprised to see...nothing. No flakes, no accumulation, zip, zero, zilch, nada.

I turned on the porch light, and threw open the front door, more nothing.

This so-called "Wrap Around" system is taking it's sweet time gettin' here.

These Back Door deals are usually small producers, but the snow is of the finest quality.

The exception? The dreaded Tonapah Low...these are as rare as hen's teeth, but when one does come knockin'...look out. I Wikied Tonapah to check my spelling, and there isn't even a "Tonapah Low" page.

I've lived up here for 30 years come October. I can honestly remember two Tonapah Low events in three decades.

My Apologies
My head is empty...I've got no bee in my bonnet, nothing's got my goat, and try as I might, I can't make something from nothing.

Strangely, I've nothing to say tonight.

That's it, I'm taking a three day weekend, headed down to the Ancestral Digs to visit Early Spring. CorduroyPlanet returns on Wednesday as usual.


  1. Holy Odor Batman, What Is That Aftershave?

    The Pinaud Lilac Vegetal arrived to day. I could smell it the moment the carton was open. Yep, the seller lied (or is just ignorant), no classic glass bottle, it is poly-carbonate.

    Yes, most definitely, this product should be relabeled "Eau De Urinal". I don't remember it being quite this distinctive and strongly reminiscent of urinal cakes, so either my memory is shot or they have reformulated it for modern production. It could be that the janitorial industry has usurped imitation lilac fragrance or that the chemists who formulate Pinaud used to work for Odorite or Monsanto.

    I am taking a day off after a somewhat stressful weekend fault testing some equipment and had a need to feel pretty. So I am wearing a splash right now after a fairly close noon-time shave of three day stubble with a freshly honed antique Rolls Razor. I am questioning the wisdom of wearing it in public, although I am sorely tempted.

    My analysis --

    Only truly manly men, confident and secure in their gender and prowess, will be called to wear this fragrance. "Eau De Urinal" is for the few, the proud, the annoying.