Friday, March 5, 2010


Pretty much perfect...what a lovely night we had!

Only the finest ingredients:
One foot of Hero Snow
One clear, star-filled Winter Sky

Hold the Wind
No breakdowns

When I pulled up to the fuel dock at the end of our shift, I noticed that I was feeling nothing but joy.
I yelled to the guys: "That's what I'm talkin' about"! Everyone enjoyed last night...nothin' but net, as they say.

The Hero Snow wasn't 100%...climbing wasn't as easy as flying upslope, full stick, but climbing was OK. Good enough. Visibility was awesome, half a Waning Moon illuminated the Mountain in magical light. Even the Mountain's WiFi Cloud pitched in...all the hotspots were working great, so I could stream my favorite morning talk show while grooming the Lower Mountain and Lodges!

Axeman pulled a double for us in his Sherpa Winch, taking one for the team, he hit the fuel dock just before radioed thanks seemed inadequate, knowing he stayed an extra six hours on his Monday! With Axeman winching up a storm, we knocked out the Work Orders and threw in some major extra trails, before helping the Park Groomers finish up their projects...and we were off the mountain at 8:30!

Walking down the shop road to drive home, I didn't even wear my jacket! Instead I was wearing a Carhartt long sleeve shirt, sunglasses and a big ol' smile.

Dare I say it? I was feeling smug once again! The forecast is for another blast Friday night and into the weekend. Judging by the happy crowd arriving as I headed home, nothing but good can come with more new snow!

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