Thursday, March 4, 2010

Suffering for My Craft

Man did I even suffer last night. Once again I failed to follow my usually Fascist Bedtime Rules. The shimmer and shine of the new computer disrupted my sleep schedule, and I let my computer travails arouse me enough that I got all of one half hour of sleep going into my Monday.

Bad mistake. My shift was downright painful. Even with a good 10 minute catnap, I could barely keep my blood red eyes open...even though they felt like there was sand in them.

I pulled into my Mountain's WiFi Cloud and looked at the Radar on the iPod. At 4AM, Weather Planet (Weather Underground's iPhone App) showed that it was all over but the shouting. In fact, as the sun started rising, the snowfall ended after flurries were the order of the night post-midnight.

Half an hour later, it was like God switched on the snow came in like a squall line crossing Lake Tahoe, and kicked it for the next several hours. Clearly this was the system touted for Wednesday afternoon/evening, come early with it's 2000ft snow levels and dry powder.

My drive home was a total white knuckler...the Old Highway was narrow with berms, and near white-out conditions made the drive a stress-fest instead of my usual decompression drive home.

The snow on the steps to the DaveCave looked like huge flakes of dry that it didn't clump together when I swept it off my stairs with the shovel. I was too beat to deploy the camera and snap some macros anyway.

Deploying pillows and my comforter was all I could muster. Mission accomplished.

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