Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still Groovin'

Actually it's more like "Still Smug" Yes, there was Hero Snow from top to bottom last night. One Winch Cat Pilot called in well, and I phoned for reinforcements...Voicemail City I'm afraid...Out came the Blue Pencil while none of the guys returned my calls. (To be fair, I called the Calvary after 0200! I needed to see what the Graveyard Wrench had to say about the Parked Fleet's issues. There were two cats good to go, both BR275's...with, it turned Pilots.

Anyway, it was me, one winch, and one Rookie. Great snow saved our bacon! As the evening wore on, I started restoring the trails that I edited at the outset. We got the Work Orders 90% done....thanks to the fine conditions.

We've got another system due in Friday night, and a string of 'em across the Pacific, to keep the snow flying into next week. Just what the Doctor ordered!

To continue with my Smug Theme...this is the first blog on the new laptop. I spent the morning cleaning out the Bloatware, downloading and installing the Security Software, importing my Bookmarks, and generally marveling at the state of the Gadget World.

It's bedtime, so tomorrow I'll install my printer drivers, and transfer 12+ Gb of files from Carbonite.

I saw a Tweet last night: " As if the food world weren't already stacked against me, they brought peanut butter bacon cookies to set."

Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies? Are you kidding me?! A quick search, and I've got the recipe...looks like I'll be doin' some baking come my days off!

Damn right I'm still smug! mmm, mmm, mmm!

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