Thursday, February 25, 2010


I woke up feeling smug tonight. We're in between systems, but the storm door is open. We need all the snow we can get...California's snowpack is our largest reservoir, and there's no lengthy EIR process to endure. I want to enjoy usable boat ramps in September and October here in the High Sierra!

The Reno AFD says Friday afternoon or evening the next system will start ramping up. This one has some sub-tropical moisture tagging along, too! Snow levels will start up there near Pass Level, but drop during the event.

So, why the morning smugness? Ice Fishing aside, everything's working good in my life. Business is good, work is good, skiing's good...I've even stopped watching 24/7 News this month (thanks Olympics) Perhaps that's where the well-being trend comes from? I watched David Letterman's crew drop a Curling Stone from Nine Stories Up onto a Lincoln Sedan the other night...that was funny!

I'm looking forward to the return of the Hero Snow, too!


  1. Damn, my heart pumps cold concrete for you. Smug? Perhaps. But not so smug as the Canada's "Own The Podium" campaign. The silence in downtown Vancouver was deafening after the men's hockey finals. But I am not the kind of person to rub it in their faces.

    I finally have ordered online two bottles of the once common but now hard to find "Eau de Urinal". It was, for one hundred years or more, a cheap aftershave/cologne found in nearly every barber shop. My last bottle was purchased in the late 1970's at the Longs Drugs in Laffingyet. The empty carcass is still around here somewhere, but I can't find it.

    No, I like you, have never been a fan of cologne or aftershave, but Pinaud Lilac Vegetal has a special place in my heart. At once it invoked images of haggard, of hard boiled press reporters, cheap, alcoholic, dicks for hire, and classy rich dames slumming dive jazz bars. Add to that the polar opposite fragrance of lovely, aged grandmothers bathed in the aromas of vanilla, baked goods, and lilac and you really have something. That is the Pinaud Lilac Vegetal I remember.

    I contacted a seller who claims that their Pinaud Lilac Vegetal comes in the classic, original glass bottle. I suspect they are lying, but if it turns out to be glass (and not contemporary and obnoxious polycarbonate) and filled with what I remember this product to be some 20-30 years ago would you be interested? It now comes under the name of "Clubman" Pinaud etc. which must be a recent affectation since my memory is of Pinaud sans "Clubman".

  2. Chico Dupre, I'm a sans-scent fellow...some may say they smell a rat, but pay them no newest scent is post-shower you'll find!

  3. Yer a good bud there, Truckee Dave, but there is no way am I putting nose to you before or after shower with or without cologne.

    Besides, "Eau de Urinal" is only for the more intrepid folks like myself.

    No sir, the closest we will ever get to aroma exchange is "Eau de bait" in the confines of an ice fishing shack, the cramped seat of an oared ponga, or the slopping bait tank of a Farallons runner.

  4. At the risk of appearing to be a little old English Teacher Scold, it's Panga.

    Trust me, I wasn't inviting a metrosexual pit sniff!

    FWIW, your comment posted twice to my dashboard.

  5. Ponga, panga, with my eye site it is all the same to me. Time for another trip to the optometrist, if the cataracts don't getcha, the astigmatism will. I should be umpiring baseball.