Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Nights

Winter made a cameo appearance last night. It was snowing lightly even as I wrote of my desire for some new fluff. When I got to work, there was a fresh dusting everywhere, but not enough to measure.

Swing shift reported that it was wet when they started, and that the freezing level was about a third of the way up the Mountain.

My tractor's tiller ran six hours on swing, before it's electrons became confused...again. The operator parked it in disgust...I felt his pain...

I was in no mood to futz with the thing, so I drove a Bison instead. I put the rookie who overslept in my cat...and it ran the whole shift for him!

It's amazing how much a little snow can improve the pack! Though Hero Snow didn't make a comeback, just the quarter inch or so added enough fluff to speed things up nicely. Enough that we groomed everything on the Mountain save that once or twice a season drop near the top.

Everyone enjoyed the drama-free night and early end to the fun. I was at the fuel dock at a little after 0800!

Tonight's forecast is for scattered showers becoming snow showers after midnight. That's a forecast I can work with! The Reno AFD claims we're in for unsettled weather all week! It's my Friday, and I'm down for a fun weekend with SturgUrge coming to town.

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  1. Hmmmm, crappy snow, no sturgeon in Truckee waters, my guess is ice fishing and cocktails.