Saturday, February 20, 2010

Horror Movie

Jeez, I feel like a waif in a Slasher Movie this week! I've become hyper-vigilant waiting for the other shoe to drop!

Sleep deprivation aside, it's been a struggle this week...I drove two tractors again last night. I lost my "magic touch" with the tiller electrical last night and I couldn't keep it running. Night before-last, my cat blew a seal in the tiller motor and pumped all the hydrostatic fluid out through the case vent, and I didn't quite make it back to the shop before the low fluid alarm started. I finished that shift in a Sherpa Winch...running around the flats.

Maybe it's in my stars or something...tonight I updated my turned my sound card off! A reboot revived the function, but not before I missed half of a live streamed event!

Also this week, the LCD screen on my camera got broken in my back pack...

So tonight, we'll see if my mechanic has finally got a handle on the confused electrons that have plagued me these past weeks.

That's all...I'm starting to whine...never a good thing...sorry!

I'm hoping that it starts snowing soon...we need it.

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