Wednesday, February 17, 2010

False Spring?

Tonight I'm going to pay the price for not following my own "ironclad" sleep rules this "weekend" weekend, I mean my one night off. I worked Sunday night for the President's Day holiday.

Monday night, I fell asleep around 1AM...and didn't wake up from my nap 'till 0430...woops! With the blinds drawn, I've been toiling away in the DaveCave all day trying to get some fatigue goin' so I could fall asleep...alas, I was still wide awake when the alarm clock chimed it's intention to wake me up. I did manage an hour or so of nap time...too little, too late...

I watched a little TV Weather at noon. One of the weather people even uttered the phrase "False Spring" before going on to allude to a return to stormy weather next figures... SturgeUrge is coming up to the Lake for his annual Timeshare Ski Week, and we've penciled in Tuesday next for a little Ice Fishing down at Boca Reservoir. I'll give in on the Ice Fishing however, if we get a solid return to winter weather!

We had some Spring-Like temperatures over the weekend, and the Hero Snow Regime clearly was on it's way out. I think Sacramento hit 70F this afternoon, while it almost made 50F on my Mountain.

Even though it's five weeks until Spring arrives, I fear these few days of Spring-Like conditions have induced a bit of the "Spring Fever" in yours truly...I feel that swell in my chest, and I have been smiling my goofy smile most of today. I spent all morning reorganizing my music collection and listened to some favorite old Blues albums. Buddy Guy...A National Treasure! The "Sweet Tea" and "Blues Singer" albums are both masterpieces.

I felt the buzz from across the country too. I heard from SturgUrge, Sister Sweetly, BajaBabe, and KirkVallus over the weekend, and lots of Old Friends are crawling out of the Facebook woodwork of late, too...may be a Spring Fever Pandemic on tap?

I for one am rooting for a return to Winter! The Eastern Seaboard got plenty of snow this week. Now it's our turn out here in the West! I don't want to see the Squeaky Snow's Swan Song just yet! Put me down for six more weeks of Winter! (a belated hat tip to Punxsutawney Phil!) I don't want to start earning it until Trout Season Opens!

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