Sunday, February 14, 2010

There Goes Maverick's

We had a great night last night...all things considered...we lost a winch cat again. A brand new cable made a bird's nest and tore off the level wind mechanism.

On the bright side, I got to climb some seriously steep stuff that I haven't groomed in a few years!

I enjoyed the sunny morning so much, that I forgot to watch the Maverick's Surf Contest webcast! When I awoke tonight, I watched the 6 O'clock News to get the story, and there was a different Maverick's story. Not only were the waves big out at the Maverick's break, but on the beach as well! The story was about the three "Rogue Waves" that pummeled the spectator beach! Thirteen injured, three seriously. The News Broadcasts I watched didn't show one second of the contest...maybe film at 11?

While I was surfing the internet to find some Maverick's Video, I found out that the America's Cup is on! I haven't found any TV coverage yet, either. Please God, help Larry Ellison win the Cup and bring the America's Cup Regatta to San Francisco Bay! What's up with the schedule there? Who thought it was a good idea to go up against the Olympics and the Daytona 500?

On a weather related sports note. The Olympic Alpine Skiing events scheduled for today (Sat) were postponed due to snow and fog...Lindsay Vonn has another day to recoup.

It got warm this afternoon on my Mountain, we'll see if there's any Hero Snow left tonight!

Be good to your Valentines today!

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