Friday, February 12, 2010


It's funny how things work out sometimes. Take last night. I woke up to get ready for work, and as always, i watched two local weather reports. 10 O'Clock News on KOVR Channel 13 and the 11 O'Clock on KCRA Channel 3. Radar and satellite views were bereft of precipitation...both Weathermen said there wouldn't be much to speak of...if any.

So, imagine my surprise when I had to throw the pickup into four wheel drive to make the last half mile up the Old Highway twenty minutes later!

There were barely any flakes falling, and the pavement was mostly that...pavement.

The swing shift guys reported that it rained (or more accurately, misted) for a few hours after sundown, and it turned to flurries after 10PM...they added that the grooming was great.

Well, it snowed all night! I was in disbelief! Where did this come from...why didn't it light up the local radars, and why couldn't the meteosats image it? Stealth System?

Anyway, it didn't amount to much...except lousy visibility...I still climbed everything I wanted to. We knocked out a big list even though we had to down two cats overnight...including a winch cat.

We were off the Mountain right at 8AM, and I was enjoying the Sun on my face in front of the grocery store before 9AM!

Barely enough snow to measure, but it did bond nicely with the frozen rain on the Old Highway's pavement, taking the excitement out of my drive home. In town, the roads were wet, but offered plenty of traction.

Waking up tonight, the Olympics were on the tube. Sadly the Games are of to a deadly start. A Luge competitor from Georgia (the former Soviet State, not our Southern State) was killed in a training accident. On the positive side, after scratching for snow leading up to the Games, Mother Nature is kickin' in with a system that'll postpone some of the Alpine Speed events. Good for injured Lindsay Vonn! I watched the telecast for a while before I switched to the local TV Weathercasts...shouldn't be any surprises tonight! They said beautiful weather for the foreseeable future!

I'm down with that! Maverick's in the morning...webcast begins at 7AM

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