Friday, February 12, 2010

It's On

Weather Everywhere...

The 2009/2010 Mavericks Surf Contest is a Go! Surf's Up Saturday February 13th, 2010

High clouds and cool today at Daytona Beach, FL. I watched the NASCAR Twin 150 Qualifiers on SPEED. First time I've seen a stocking cap on a racer in the Post Race Interview...I read somewhere that lots of the exotic reptiles in Florida's Everglades are dying from the cold...feral South American Pythons dying in droves ...Iguanas falling from juice futures going up...

Look at the 24/7 Cable News Stations. They're Wall to Wall with the NY/DC Winter Storm story. New title? "Snowmageddon" I heard that this week's storms have deposited 60 inches of snow on Washington DC...normal Seasonal Snowfall in DC is 15 inches!

From the Dallas/Ft Worth NWS Office:
Through 7 PM CDT...Dallas Fort Worth Airport has recorded 7.9 inches of snow. This breaks the greatest snowfall on record. The old record is 7.8 inches set on January 15, 1964 and January 14, 1917. This also breaks the 24-Hour Snowfall for February which was 7.5 inches...set on February 17, 1978 and February 25, 1924. Obviously....this shatters the record Daily Maximum Snowfall for February 11th...of 1.4 inches which was previously set 1988. With the snow continuing...
The snow total will increase. An Updated Record Event Report will be sent later this evening."

...Except Here

The wind buffeting the DaveCave woke me a little after 6PM...getting outta bed I looked precip, just wind. Looking again around 9PM, there are a few flakes sitting on the front deck now, but more deck than snow showing...not a flake is falling either.

The Reno AFD dubbed these systems "Brush By Systems" because they're brushing by just to our North. Looking at the Mountain's webcam showed a little new dusting, nothing measurable, though.

How much would I like to see 6-12 inches tonight or tomorrow? Words fail...

The Reno AFD says partly cloudy and dry for Fri/Sat/Sun and cloudy Monday. I looked at Sacramento's AFD, and they are a little sunnier: Sunny Fri/Sat/Sun, and partly cloudy Monday.

About Last Night

Man I struggled last night...I paid for screwing up my sleep schedule over my weekend...Big Time! We had an operator who didn't show, but one of the A-Team answered the call, came in on his night off, and flat out got 'er done before some cats went down. My cat ran fine...with a new rookie in it. I was in our newest those Bisons flat out fly!

I got back on my favorite trail again, and flew right up it, though I wasn't rolling a blade-full in front of me. Turned out perfect...considering how much trouble I was having keeping my eyes open!

Come on up for President's Day Weekend, it's gonna be Epic! Mostly sunny and plenty of great snow!

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