Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here Come Maverick's

Well, the buzz about the Big Ocean Swell arriving this weekend has made it to the Mainstream Media Outlets. San Jose's Mercury News broke the story Wednesday evening on it's website. The Surfing Sector has been all over the story of course.

The Maverick's Surf Contest may be held Saturday, provided the forecast pans out...and the contestants vote to go for it!

I wondered what the rest of the week's weather for the High Sierra looks like, so I looked at the Reno AFD and forecast. Lot's of clouds and chances of snow showers, but nothing concrete yet.

I won't pull your leg, we sure would like some fresh snow going into President's Day Weekend! Nothing beats the promise of freshies to prime the pump!


  1. What is the carbon foot print of making snow for a sizeable ski resort?

  2. I'm sure it's huge! Lots of diesel fuel to compress all that air!

    My Mountain buys 100% Green Energy