Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Smooth Sailing?

Things don't always turn out the way I planned. Last week, I planned to go to the Ancestral Digs for my three day weekend. A simple trip really, see my Mom, do the monthly church luncheon, continue straightening up the garage, and haul some straggler tools back up to the DaveCave. There's still plenty of chores in the queue at the DaveCave, and my tools help make quick work of them.

About mid-week, the forecasts began to favor a stormy weekend. I still felt kinda tired, so I begged off the familial responsibility, and formulated "Plan B" Two areas needed my attention: One...Get all the AV stuff hooked up and answering remote control commands. Two...finish the installation of the laundry stack and reclaim some of the lost pantry space. Throw in a load of laundry and a Super Bowl, and it was looking like a full weekend!

Sunday afternoon, my alarm roused me in time for the coin toss, and the game was pretty enjoyable (considering that I didn't have a team on the field) I watched the whole game without getting out of chips&dip, no pizza, no adult beverages. The game never got off a simmer, which the conventional wisdom had never considered...wasn't Super Bowl XLIV supposed to be a firepower-laden scoring fest between the two high powered offenses?

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints...they ain't Ain'ts anymore. Woops...then I pulled my first dumb stunt of the weekend...I slept most of the night! I got up at 0330...close enough I thought...

Monday I got after my list. An hour to do the grocery shopping, and then I got down to the serious business of knitting with audio cables. All the components are doing their jobs now. I edited several hours of programming that was clogging the DVR's Hard Drives, and burned four new DVD's for my library. All 5.1 speakers are online, and only one chore remains on this front...I have to update the Onscreen List of the 400 CD's in the CD Jukebox. This will provide me with hours of enjoyment over the next several days...

Where was that snowstorm Monday? MIA totally!

Tuesday I finally made the pizza...Sausage, Olive, and Mushroom with fresh mozzarella and smoked provolone...cold pizza this morning for breakfast, too!

There's bright sunshine streaming through the window blinds at the DaveCave this morning...the storms all went south...with this week's forecast.

As it stands this morning, we're looking at decent weather right through the President's Day Weekend. Let's hope this forecast holds up!

There was some buzz from the Surf Weather Sector about huge swells for the Holiday Weekend, but that too is looking like a fizzle. The Maverick's crowd was all abuzz once again, but it's just another simmering pot today.

Finishing up my laundry/pantry project should get my body clock well and truly reset to Graveyard today...wrestling a heavy laundry stack and restocking a half ton of canned staples and cleaning products should wear me right down to a sleepy nub.

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