Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Funday

Hooray! The 95th Giro d'Italia began Saturday in Herning, Denmark. The Tour of Italy starts in Denmark you say? Yeah, I don't get it either. Maybe it's more EU Love-In stuff? Herning is notable in the bicycle racing world as the hometown of Bjarne Riis, winner of the 1996 Tour de France and directeur sportif of the Saxo Bank team.

Before I drifted off, I checked in with Live Update Guy who was doing the Giro d'Italia Prologue. Live blogged Individual Time Trials are rarely exciting stuff excepting rain, so there was no stimulus to keep me awake. I stirred with the last dozen riders still to start, but didn't finally wake up until the show was over and the results official.

Yes, I do have a dog in this hunt...I put together a Fantasy Team minutes before the deadline. After Stage One, TeamCorduroyPlanet is tied for 2nd of 59 teams. It's all downhill from here! Thanks Taylor Phinney who won today's stage and scored my 20 points!

So far so good...The SF Giants played a fine game Saturday under warm sunny skies and...won! Saturday's game was on FoxTV...I assume they were responsible for the third day of blimp images from the Hanger 1 Vodka Blimp. Thanks FoxTV for another round of SF Bay beauty shots!

After four straight losses, Saturday's game felt good...comfortable that ratty old favorite T-Shirt that the missus wishes you wouldn't wear in polite society...yeah, it felt that good...I drank it in...OK, the Giants do have a ton of offensive problems, and they've been booting it big-time on defense this week, but in Saturday's game they kept a lid on both problems to win 5-2 over Milwaukee's Brewers.

No new news about the NASA zeppelin hunting meteorite debris. Yesterday they said bigger pieces may have made it as far west as Folsom Lake and Roseville. I'm sure there's a latter-day gold rush on across the El Dorado foothills now.

 I finished my fine day watching the "2012 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony" with my Sister K. More comfort food for my heart...awesome music, politics-free. Well done rock gods and goddesses!

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