Saturday, May 12, 2012


"Full results are up for Stage 6 of the Giro d'Italia. Despite not scoring any points today our leader remains Team Corduroy Planet with 158 points. Closing the gap today in 2nd is BooRiders with 156."

...From Friday's headline at my Fantasy League.

I didn't expect to score any points in Stage 6, but then again I didn't expect two Team CorduroyPlanet riders to abandon the Giro either. Two of my sprinters, Tyler Farrar and Thor Hushovd couldn't go on. Young phenom, Taylor Phinney and sprinter Mark Cavendish both suffered mightily and soldiered home 33:12 behind the winner.

Since winning the Stage 1 Prologue and the maillot rosa, Taylor Phinney has had nothing but bad luck. Caught in a high speed crash 100 meters from the finish in Stage 3, Phinney crossed the finish line in an ambulance and required three stitches to close an ankle wound. I guess it was lucky that the next day was a transfer/rest day.
In the TTT Phinney gave his all, and took an off course excursion through the grass as his reward. He had to coast for several meters to dig the turf from his drivetrain...and surrender the pink leader's jersey...

There's three more stages where I'm likely to score points with Mark Cavendish. My days atop the standings surely will end Saturday.

Starting Sunday, the AMGEN Tour of California takes to the road in Santa Rosa. Last years lingering winter scared the race out of the mountains...pity. 
I haven't a clue who to run in my fantasy team. Three time winner Levi Leipheimer will race, though it's a given that he can't compete for the win as he rehabs from getting run over by a car in Spain on April Fools' Day...

Friend of CorduroyPlanet, and fellow bike racing aficionado, KirkVallus is coming to town for the race and a Giants game. I'm guessing that we'll need sunscreen more than the extra layers we needed on Mt Hamilton during last year's ToC Stage 4 when the "Marine Layer" (read cold, wet fogbank) settled right on the mountain's summit, foiling the TV helicopters and thus the beautiful video that graces the VersusTV coverage...clowning around with BajaBabe took the sting outta that letdown.

It's a Formula One weekend, and it's starting a great week in the Month of May!

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  1. It's a Mother's Day weekend and Sister Sweetly's birthday also. And it's going to be 86 degrees here on the NE side of BFEO! Whew.

    Just in time for me to start hiking up in the mountains. Well, I call them hills as they are nada like the Sierras nor will ever be in my life time. But, the Cascades, they are a beauty to behold!

    Got some nice snaps from the jet of Mount Hood and Mount Shasta covered in their sparkling white splendour.

    We do have some of the best wilderness in the world. Even though population is encroaching and the quest for resources is riddling the territory.

    Happy racing!