Friday, May 11, 2012

It's All Downhill From Here

I think it's time to put the "Up and Down" meme to bed...

I was up in the middle of the night, and followed the Giro on Live Update Guy's website. I fell asleep shortly after the Stage began, and woke up in time to follow the last 30 or so kilometers and the finish. In my sleep deprived fog, I forgot to find the LIVE Video stream. Team CorduroyPlanet's World Champion Sprinter Mark Cavendish won again, and my team stays UP on my Fantasy Cycling League!

It will take a miracle in Italy Friday to keep Team CorduroyPlanet from beginning it's march DOWN to the bottom of the standings. The roads turn UP in the Giro d'Italia Friday, and my team is top heavy with sprinters, not climbers.

UP: Back in the States, the AMGEN Tour of California kicks off this Sunday May 13th.

Still up in the air...will three time ToC Champ Santa Rosa's Levi Leipheimer be healed enough to start after he was hit by a car training April 1st in Spain? Leipheimer was left with a fractured fibula in his left leg.

Mercifully, my San Francisco Giants have a day off before they open Friday night in Phoenix.

DOWN: I'm surprised at how little news there's been this week about the New Eldorado Meteorite Rush. No zeppelin stories, no new treasure maps, no nothin'...crickets...

UP: Scheduled for launch in 2018, NASA/ESA next-gen James Webb Space Telescope received it's first instrument.

DOWN: The ESA (European Space Agency) announced the death of their Envisat, a 9 Ton Earth Observation Satellite the size of a school bus. Unfortunately with the loss of communications, ESA won't be able to de-orbit the spacecraft as planned. Instead, Envisat will remain in orbit for another 150 years. Spaceflight folks are not happy about this development. They're calling ENVISAT dangerous space junk now.

UP: After parking for 19 weeks during Martian winter, Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity put it in gear and drove 12 feet. Opportunity spent it's fifth winter on Mars doing scienctific measurements and making images on a Sun facing outcrop.

That's all I've got, Hands Down...

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