Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's On!

I fell asleep before kickoff of the early NFL Wild Card Game, only to wake up in time to catch the final four minutes of futility as the Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Houston Texans. Didn't they used to be the Houston Oilers? 

I may not get back to sleep...the evening game between the New Orleans Saints and the Detroit Lions is a barn burner! It's On! All offense, all the time.

Down on the Central Coast, the Mavericks Surf Contest is open for business. The window is open...when the weatherman says the waves will be big enough, and the winds calm enough, the word will go out to the 24 contestants, and 17 alternates who then have 24 hours to get to the break near Half Moon Bay, CA. The break has been contest-worthy this week, 50+ feet! I'ts On!

Snowmaking was ON! last night, and will be again tonight. Temps fell enough Friday night to fire the fans and guns about 8PM. When I left Saturday morning about 0930, the snow was still pumping.

It's amazing how much good was done in 12 hours of snowmaking. Temps were just below marginal, but the snowmakers rocked it. Swing shift was nothing if not aggressive, yeah, they did make a couple of puddles...nothing we couldn't recover from. Many of my trouble spots received the cure, and I made a request list for Saturday night.

Before I started  this post, I checked the temps...the afternoon high was way lower than Friday...12°F lower! It looks like we're just a hair warmer tonight, but temps are damn close to last night.

It's my Friday. Another solid block of snowmaking should make for a carefree weekend. Lookin' forward to it.

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  1. It will be my ON my table soon! Casper Hot Dawgs! Found out that they ship and now I too can enjoy the crisp bite of that dawg. Yum.

    Just don't get the man made snow making. Of course I wasn't much of a skier and don't have that adrenalin for the past time. I liked the opening scene to WWS when the dude missed the jump. Ooo how embarassing that must have been, not to mention the pain.

    As for footyball...well, don't have much of a feel for that any longer.

    It was exhorbitant to attend a Giants baseball game. Must be outta the world to attend an nfl game these days. Too many people and I'm use to peeing by a tree and not waiting in line for a stanky potty bowl.

    I wouldn't mind going to Half Moon Bay and watching the dudes do their thing. Put me by the ocean anytime and I'm happy.

    The snow melted yesterday afternoon.

    Turkey lurkey dinner later.