Thursday, January 12, 2012

Phobos/Grunt Watch: From the Ground Up

I must admit, I'm a Johnny Come Lately to Phobos/Grunt. It was just the next in line of a monthly train of reentering spacecraft that have captured my attention this Fall...well, not exactly. Phobos/Grunt cut the line if you will.

The first I heard of the Russian Mars Probe was from Spaceflight Now: "Russian Mars Mission halted by glitch in low Earth orbit" This was about two months ago...

In the two months since, the drama developed as Russian controllers tried in vain to make contact with P/G. "Russia trying to salvage Phobos-Grunt mission"

Spaceflight Now kept on the story:
"Phobos-Grunt Mars probe remains silent in Earth orbit"

"December deadline for stranded Russian Mars probe"

"It's alive! Russia's Phobos-Grunt phones home"

"Russia scrambles to diagnose glitch on Phobos-Grunt"

"Latest attempts to contact Phobos-Grunt yield 'no joy'"

"Orbit-raising commands fail to budge Phobos-Grunt probe"

"ESA shutting down Phobos-Grunt listening campaign"

"Russians now preparing for re-entry of failed Mars probe"

Latest Reentry Data from Spaceflight 101:
Four or five days to go.

Use the links I posted in "Phobos/Grunt Watch Begins" to monitor events in real-time.

Stay tuned!

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