Wednesday, January 11, 2012

White Noise

I messed with my bedtime over my weekend...I slept overnight instead of keeping my graveyard ways. I had a pretty good "Monday" night on My Mountain last night...the snowmakers were able to fire up by 10PM. I had a little "eye trouble", and shut them for my 30 minute lunch, before I paid the price today and fell asleep before noon...

So now I'm up at 5:30, four hours ahead of schedule...there's a new noise afoot, too.

I tuned into a couple of 6 O'clock News' weather reports...the weatherdudes were a little more animated than they have been for weeks...they're talking precipitation in the 7-Day Forecast.

I looked at Reno's AFD, snowmaking looks secure for another few nights...the rain that's got the weather guessers abuzz looks to be more wish than wet spell from where I stand tonight.

Reno's NWS Office is concerned about possible Fire Weather coming up:

These are the forecasts that try men's souls...
What about the huge blocking high that's been keeping Mother Nature's Finest at bay?

Well, the Arctic Oscillation, which has been driving the big Eastern Pacific High, is trending colder...just what we want.

Local Weather Model Wrangler, TahoeWeatherDiscussion is Cautiously Optimistic that the ducks will get in line, and that Winter will arrive finally!

I looked at the Remote Sensors...our high was 10°F lower than yesterday...that won't be white noise on my Mountain'll be the roar of Ratnik Snow Guns and the whir of fans standing in for Mother Nature...we can hang in until Pattern Change comes.

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  1. I concur. Winter is on the way. The lack of precip and mountain snow has been playing havoc on the forest and the animals that inhabit it.

    There appears to be a radical low out in the Pacific that is probably causing those Beeg Waves to slam at Half Moon Bay. Once, that was a secret spot for the big wave surfer dudes. Never did get a chance to look at 'em.

    Must be quite the show with all the jazzy equipment they use these days. Jet skis to be towed out to the waves and rescued after the ride or wipeout!

    A change in weather would be most welcome, unless it's a flood. That, I'm not prepared for.