Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hot Dog!

Getting up for work, I looked at the remote sensors. Snowmaking tonight!

I'm pretty sure that never in my 30 years on My Mountain, have I looked forward to snowmaking so much!

Another first...the NWS has issued a Fire Weather Watch for the Sacramento Valley, Sierra Foothills, and (Gasp!) Western Slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains...that's us!

The Weather Service says the Fire Weather Watch will last two days, thanks to Northeasterly winds, dry conditions and a lack of snow cover.

Here's where the dry conditions came from...

The AFD says we get snowmaking temps for the weekend, then it warms back up next week.

Most everyone forgot that we had seven weeks of clear bluebird weather last season followed by 500 inches of snowfall. After a slow start, The Alps are getting pounded now. Our turn is coming...a couple more weeks...c'mon, Artic Oscillation...turn over and Let the Flakes Fly Free!

1 comment:

  1. We actually had a lite dusting of snowish yesterday eve. Missed the actual event, looks to be sticking throughout the nite. Will melt with the sun.

    Last year the Winter came at the end of November and didn't let up til well into June. A really wet and flood prone Spring in 2011.

    We need some precip or it's gonna be a long, hot, dry summer.